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Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of conscious entrepreneurs and social impact businesses. Paul runs a global coaching practice supporting conscious entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to the next level while staying true to their deepest integrity. He also works with leaders to help them increase the transformational impact that they have in their organizations and in the world.

Paul is also the former Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, one of the premier mindfulness brands in the world. In 2017, he founded Awarepreneurs because he saw the need for more honest conversation about the power of combining the power of conscious business practices with the dynamism of the social impact movement. Today he is the Founder and Chief Entrepreneurial Activist of Awarepreneurs.

In addition to conscious entrepreneurship, Paul is passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountain high country, power yoga, dark chocolate, sustainable living, ecstatic poetry and deep centering breaths. He lives in an adobe home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more about Paul’s work.

Paul is both wise and fun. He gently held my feet to the fire so I wouldn’t lose the vision I have for the “big why” behind my work and what that means for my engagement with my tribe through with social media. Thanks Paul!

Nancy Larocca Hedley

The Unabridged Story

Zelizer Punplugged

When I was little, my dad worked as an accountant for a tobacco company. This was in the 70’s – when it first started coming out that cigarettes cause cancer.

Even as a kid, I was aware of the ethics of things. We lived a very comfortable middle class life. And that lifestyle came from an industry that caused harm.

I was surrounded by adults who worked for oil, soda and pharmaceutical companies. My young self was deeply concerned that the way we humans were conducting business on Planet Earth.

Embracing Psychology and Spirituality

In my mid-teenage years, I got into drinking and doing drugs. At 17, this intensified. One night in a blackout, I had a violent incident with a friend. That scared me. Enough so that soon there after I agreed to a session with very wise woman. She told me something that changed the course of my life:

Paul, you are wired for poignant experiences. People with this kind of nervous system tend to either 1) live a life of drama and addiction or 2) find a way of creating a rich inner life that works for them. I hope you choose the second path.”

I heard her. And made spiritual development the north star of my life.

Reading about psychology and spirituality became leading pastimes. I majored in psychology in undergraduate school.

Then in 1989, I entered into an awareness based Counseling Psychology master’s program at Lesley University. Jon Kabat Zinn’s house was about 12 miles down the road in one direction (he’s the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and the lab of Dr. Herbert Benson (author of The Relaxation Response) was a mile in the other. Other professors were Sufi psychologists, former monks, psychoneuroimmunology scientists and women’s spirituality leaders. I was steeped in a culture of mindfulness, awareness and the science of wellness. #AMAZING!

Deciding to work with Paul has been the best business decision I’ve made in a long time. I’ve learned how to market myself authentically and attract the right clients for me. As a result, I’m attracting committed clients and my client base has increased dramatically.

Annabel Fisher

The Land of Art & Soul

Heading West 

In 1993, I left the East Coast – where things felt too materialistic and moved too quickly for me – and moved to Northern New Mexico. A place where people built houses out of earth. Where art and soul mattered. Where BIG mountains were easily accessible.

For over 15 years, I did community work through mental health centers and started an innovative non-profit that used awareness based approaches to change.

I worked in rural Hispanic villages and the native reservations like Taos Pueblo – the oldest continually inhabited building in North America.

Coming into Coaching

By 2007, I had worked with over 13,000 people. I had seen more trauma and addiction then I could handle. I was burnt out and tired of being broke. It was time to reinvent myself. And a friend of mine, Soren Gordhamer, was in a similar place.

I dreamed up a mindfulness/wellness based coaching practice. And Soren wrote a little book titled Wisdom 2.0.

We started exploring the growing world of social media. Soon, largely through our Twitter connections, we started having some magical experiences:

Meeting with Tony Hsieh and the Zappos leadership team in 2009 to discuss conscious business and transformational uses of social media.

Going to Google to learn about the Search Inside Yourself program (which teaches mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to Google employees).

Meeting the Facebook employee who coordinates their mindfulness sessions and Compassion Days.

Before I knew it, people were hiring me more to discuss the growing field of wisdom entrepreneurship and mindful social marketing than wellness coaching. The Universe tricked me into becoming a business and marketing coach for wisdom entrepreneurs. 🙂

Working with Paul has done nothing short of transformed my business, healed my life, and fattened my pocketbook (yes, I have one). If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, I truly believe one of the best ideas you’ll ever cook up for yourself is finding out how to work with this man. I have no shadow of doubt that your business, your life, and your bank account will be ever so grateful you did.

Jerome Braggs

Growing My Coaching Practice

And Wisdom 2.0

In 2010, I said “OK, Universe. Let’s do this!” Using a combination of conscious networking and mindful social marketing strategies, I began the journey from low profile coach in New Mexico to a thought leader in the conscious entrepreneur world.

In 2012, I was contracted as the Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0 – one of the premier mindfulness brands in the world. As part of the Wisdom 2.0 team, we developed strategies that almost tripled the number of conference participants in one year (from 650 to 1800) and quadrupled our rate of growth on Facebook and Twitter.

Thought Leader and Awarepreneurs founder

By 2013, my coaching practice was doing well. I was on the leading edge of the world wide wisdom entrepreneur movement. I had committed clients who did deep work and wanted help to grow their businesses. I also was increasingly being hired as a speaker on topics related to conscious entrepreneurship, mindful marketing and transformational leadership

But the Universe wasn’t content to just let me put my feet up on the coffee table, drink green tea and eat dark chocolate. I was being called to doing something with more impact and legacy.

To be honest, I didn’t immediately say yes. The scale of what I was being invited to do scared me.

After weeks of deliberation, I said yes to the Universe again. Still running my coaching practice, I left Wisdom 2.0 and began a series of conversations with people in the social impact space.

I started a community that eventually became known as Awarepreneurs.

Awarepreneurs Goes Global

Since then, Awarepreneurs has grown to one of the most vibrant conscious entrepreneur and social impact communities in the world.  Through our highly respected podcast and dynamic Facebook group, we bring together leaders and emerging leaders from around the world.  Our goal is to explore how to optimize a business for both financial success and positive social impact.

This amazing tribe keeps me on my toes and helps me stay informed about the latest trends in the conscious business, social impact and transformational leadership worlds.

I’ve no doubt you could help any spiritually-oriented business express itself more authentically and potently, yet you have a particular gift when it comes to midwifing an established business with a complex brand. I’m thrilled with what’s emerged from this rebranding process and already looking forward to how you can help my business next!

Susanna Maida

Aliveness and Fun!

A Wise Lifestyle



Even with 2 dynamic businesses and a host of other initiatives, I still make it priority to enjoy life (it’s really short you know). Time in the mountains. Hanging out with close friends, my teen aged daughter and wonderful colleagues. Dark chocolate. Daily yoga and meditation. Good food. Travel to beautiful cities. It’s a good life.

Since 1988, I’ve continually said yes to a life of increasing levels of being of service based on awareness principles. I’ve never done any other work. And, even when I could have stopped growing, I chose to keep moving in the direction of more ability to have positive impact in the world.

I work with best people who are ready to go beyond the conversation of just how to get a few more clients – they are ready to become thought leaders. To say “Yes” to more impact and a bigger legacy of making this world a better place while still having a life with plenty of spiritual practice, prosperity, intimacy, self-care and FUN!

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to set up a free chat
to see if we might be a fit to work together.

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