Anyone who’s been on the spiritual path for awhile starts to realize that there is no such thing as permanent enlightenment.  Instead, there are only moments of greater or lesser awareness.

Similarly, many people new to the world of business building think of their website as something fixed.  In other words, you just get it up and then you’re “done”.

Is your website dusty?

Is your website dusty?

A Healthy Website is Always Growing

If on your personal growth journey, you come across a teacher who tells you that they are Done – otherwise known as “Enlightened” – I would suggest you politely turn around and walk out of the room.  Who wants a teacher or a set of teachings that refuse to deepen?

To harness the full power of what you know, your website should always be showcasing your learning edge.  So add that blog post or video, learn how to upgrade the looks of your social media buttons, and try something new that you haven’t before.

By consistently adding your freshest energy to your website, it will maintain a vibrant feel (no dusty attics please) and be increasingly full of valuable information.