Do you ever send emails (this is not a trick question)? If you do, there’s a simple and free app called WiseStamp that can help more people see your content as well as find you on social media. If you look at the picture below, you can see my new email signature which includes the link to my latest blog post, 3 Spring Cleaning Techniques to Help Your Business Grow.

The app is simple to install – this installation guide walks you through the simple steps. It allows you to add a picture, has live social media icons and generally looks more visually impressive than the large majority of email signatures.

And, there’s a simple dashboard that allows you to do a number of other very cool things such as:

  • Join my newsletter
  • Add a Facebook Like button
  • Add a Twitter follow button
  • Add my Linkedin badge
  • My latest Facebook status
  • My latest tweet
  • Watch my YouTube video
  • Add a quote
  • Add a legal disclaimer
  • Promote a Sales event
  • Add a link to your calender
  • Showcase your Etsy store

In short, WiseStamp allows you to turn your email signature into a much more visually impressive experience and do a number of very helpful of things from a marketing prospective.

And, as someone who’s passionate about content marketing, I think the most powerful of these is that it allows you to automatically invite people to read/watch/listen to your latest content every single time you send an email.

WiseStamp is free to install. If you use the free version, it includes an unobstrusive link that says “create your own email signature”. To remove this, professional plans start at $6 per month.