A special winter solstice meditation for you. How depth and alchemy are especially available to us in the darkest time of the year. Our challenges have wisdom to offer us. This meditation teaches you how.

This poem also can be helpful in your winter solstice meditation.


There is a thin line that bridges
the known and the unknown.
The person I’ve been and the
One I long to grow into.

So much of the human psyche
Calls for neon in the darkness.
To visit the night alone is a choice.
There are gifts to be had there

That you can’t get in the harsh
florescent lights. The night is
both true and sweet. She knows our
Mistakes, our desires, our gifts.

She holds the key to the enlivenment
so many seek in tangled places.
She is what we have been longing for.
True alchemy happens underground.

On this longest of nights,
I no longer run in any direction.
These are my gifts.
Here are my struggles.

I can sit with you now and learn.
The time for fear and pretense is over.