It was about 9pm on New Year’s Eve.  I was sweaty and had a big smile on my face from dancing.  A friend who knows what I do from Facebook (I promise not to insert my “why social networking is awesome” speech) and I started chatting.  After hugs and wishes for good things in the new year, she asked “Why does EFT work?”

This friend is trained as a counselor and knows many healing modalities.  She has just started using EFT and was already experiencing some results that got her attention.  Like many people, she wants to know “what is up with this stuff??”  It’s a very reasonable question.

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Why does EFT work?

We have educated guesses, not answers.

On one level, the honest answer is “We don’t know.”  People like Dawson Church at The Soul Medicine Institute are researching EFT now.  A decade from now, we’re likely to have a much better understanding of the mechanics of energy psychology tools.

In the meantime, “We don’t know” is both not very satisfying and also, on another level, not completely true.

More than 30 years ago, Dr. Roger Callahan began practicing energy psychology in the United States.  Since than, hundreds of thousands of people have conducted tens of millions of EFT sessions.  Gary Craig alone has introduced over 1 million people to EFT through

While there is no definitive scientific answer about why EFT works, I believe that the embodied experience of the EFT community can help us understand this.

EFT is not the healer, love is.

In November 2009, Gary Craig did an interview with an Indian therapist named Jasmine Bharathan.  Click here to read the interview.  After two decades and countless of EFT sessions, Gary Craig sums up what many of us in the EFT world are coming to believe.  He says, “EFT is not the healer, love is”.

Albert Einstein once said, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”  I am coming to see that at an energetic level EFT is largely a process that allows love and acceptance into the difficult places in our lives.  By increasing the available self-love and self-acceptance, stuck energies begin to move through our system.

Yes, this is a simplistic explanation.  In the coming years we are likely to learn much more about the detailed mechanics of different energy psychology tools.  At the same time, if my grandmother Edy were around today, I believe that she’d: 1) be proud of the healing work I do with EFT and 2) understand that increasing self-love around painful issues would allow a person to get on with her/his life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in form of a comment below.  Why do you think EFT works?