Just like with money, many people grow up with the belief that time is scarce.  We may not even realize we hold this belief.  Yet these kinds of thoughts slow down and can even destroy many spirit based businesses.


Most people don’t think about using tapping this way, but it works!  Some setup phrases to try are:

Even though I’m so busy and don’t have time to build my business, I’m willing to be kinder and more compassionate to myself anyway.

Even though I want my own business but don’t feel like I have the time to build it, I’m choosing to relax a bit more anyway.

There IS a Solution

One of the main things that blocks solutions from becoming clear is a belief that one doesn’t exist.  That will melt your dreams faster than ice cream in the New Mexican sun.

Once you’re feeling a bit more open after tapping on time scarcity, try tapping for opening to solutions presenting themselves.

Even though in the past, I didn’t see how I could build my business, I’m open to the possibility of finding time to build my business now.

Even though I don’t know how I’m going to create time to build a business, I choose to reconnect with my passion for my business anyway.

Even though I’m not sure where the time to build my business would come from, I choose allow my inner resources to help me.

Once your belief systems have shifted, creative solutions do some up.  This is attraction principles at work.  When you begin to believe that you could find a way – even if you don’t know what it is yet – to build your business, things start to move in a whole new way.

Some examples from my clients:

  • A man attracted new responsibilities in his job that paid him to learn the skills he needed to grow his business.
  • A woman went to a 4 day work week and used Friday to develop her business.
  • A woman saw the option to start a new business – one that got started very fast because she already had the network she needed.

Energy psychology tools like EFT allow you to step out of boxes you were approaching your start up with.  And when you do ..  well, I invite you to explore that possiblity.

I would love to hear your experience with this.  Do you feel time crunched when it comes to your business?  What have you tried?