Several clients recently have been dealing with sticky situations around money with clients in their businesses. These includes clients being very slow to pay and needing a whole bunch of reminders as well as disagreements about what is or is not included in a ongoing package that’s already been paid for.

On the outside, I encourage people to develop a network of other conscious business owners to get feedback and support from. This is a very important time to lean into such support!

What’s less often attended to are the emotional and energetic issues that can linger and hurt a business. It’s very common for a challenging money situation to lead to a charged relationship with money – something that can be a big turn off to potential clients.

What to Do When You Have Difficult Interactions Around Money in Your Conscious Business

Here are my 3 suggestions:

1) Work with this energy via writing. A good way to do this is through the “Unsent Letter” technique from the world of journal therapy. Write a letter to this person you had a difficult arrangement with – having a clear understanding from the start that you WILL NOT SEND IT to her/him.
2) Use an energy healing tool – like EFT or the Emotion Code – on the unresolved emotions you are dealing with about this challenging money situation.
3) Bring these emotions to someone you trust. It can be especially helpful if this person is familiar with the realities of being a business owner.
What you want in an ongoing way is to be in a calm, clear and centered place about money – for this is the internal position that best leads to clients trusting you and your business growing.

It’s worth it to spend a little time cleaning up what might be there for you on the inside after a difficult money experience in your business. It happens to every business owner I know. And, the question for me is how do we respond when it happens and what’s the impact going forward.