Lately, I’ve been hearing myself say to clients repeatedly, “you need a prosperity buddy.”  When something keeps showing up like this, I know it’s time for a blog post.  In this post, I want to share with you what a Prosperity or Mastermind Buddy is, where to find one and what to do once you have one.

It's more fun with a buddy!

It's more fun with a buddy!

What the heck is a Mastermind buddy?

The biggest lesson most success seekers need to learn is how to consistently nurture their deepest desires.  Honestly, most of us aren’t very good at doing this.  This is why most abundance programs fail – they don’t teach us how to do the kind of ongoing tending that real success needs.

A prosperity or mastermind buddy is a deliberately chosen friend who we agree to get together with regularly and nurture each other’s success intentions.

Buddies set aside time, usually either weekly or bi-monthly, to trade experiences of sharing honestly about what their dreams are and work on releasing the limiting beliefs and feelings that are getting in the way of manifesting those dreams.  My favorite way of releasing the gunk that’s blocking success is with EFT.

Where the heck do I find a buddy?

“OK, sounds good Paul,” you may say, “but where do I FIND a prosperity buddy?”  Notice that in the above section, I underlined the idea that buddies are deliberately created. I’m going to share several ideas of where you can find a prosperity buddy below.  At the same time, keep in mind that for the process to work well, you need to have a buddy that you feel comfortable sharing emotional and financial information with.  Selecting a prosperity buddy is a great time to use your spiritual awareness and intuitive skills.

That said, here are 5 places to find a prosperity buddy:

1) Among people you already know and trust. Some of you already know people who would make great prosperity buddies.  Perhaps you have a friend, colleague or acquaintance you trust and believe would be open to this kind of ongoing supportive relationship.  Avoid trying to be a buddy with someone you are in a romantic relationship with.
2) The readers of this blog. People who read and comment on this blog tend to be spiritual and fun success seekers who are familiar with EFT and the Law of Attraction.  They also tend to know other people who fit this description.   Feel free to leave a comment that you’re looking for a buddy.
3) The forums at the main EFT website (  A number of my clients have found prosperity tapping buddies by connecting with people in these forums.  Specifically, there is a forum called “Abundance” which is focused on using EFT for money and success issues.
4) While the activity on this site is less than what I wish it were, this site is focused on helping people find tapping buddies.
5) Social Network sites. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other such sites ROCK!  I met my awesome Mastermind buddy, Sejual Shah, this way.  Through the magic of these sites, you have the opportunity to get to know someone in a safe and easy manner.  Once you meet someone you like the energy of, invite them to have a conversation to get to know them better.  If you get a good sense of the person, then bring up the idea of becoming prosperity buddies.

I’ve got a buddy.  What the heck do we do now?

Here’s the 6 steps to creating a good prosperity buddy relationship:

1) Start with appreciation. Appreciate your buddy and yourself for doing this.  Appreciation goes a long way towards creating the kind of safe and fun environment that will serve you well over time.
2) Leave judgment at the door. Your role is not to judge or fix your buddy.  Instead, help your buddy clear the blocks and track the progress that she is making over time.  Deep listening is also extremely valuable.
3) Agree to a regular meeting schedule. Remember the whole point of this relationship is to create an environment of consistent nurturing.  Most buddies meet either every week or bi-monthly.
4) Check in – from the heart. At the start of each meeting, take turns doing a short (3-4 minutes) check in.  Be authentic about what you are noticing in relationship to your deepest success dreams.  Pay particular attention to the emotions – that’s the key to where the energy is for you.
5) Use energy tools to remove the blocks. Once you’ve both checked in, decide whose turn it will be that meeting to do clearing work.   It’s best to devote a meeting to one person’s issues (alternating works great).  Use EFT or another energy tool to clear the blocks that are getting in the way of your success dreams.  Feel free to contact me if you need help learning to do this.
6) With the blocks out of the way, explore what action step you are inspired to do. Once the blocks are out of the way, aligned actions steps will naturally appear.  No pushing or heavy handed advice giving needed.

I hope this post inspires you create a mastermind buddy relationship in your life.  In comparing notes with the dozens of prosperity and success coaches I know, our collective experience is that this is one of the most important predictors of people who actually MANIFEST their success dreams.