Credit: William Cho

Credit: William Cho

It’s time to celebrate!  As some you know, I’ve been working with Sejual Shah to develop a new process called Business Energetics.  After almost 2 years of development, it’s ready to share with the world ..

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In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to what Business Energetics is and what it means for conscious business people.

Energy Psychology in Business Thus Far

People have been experimenting with energy psychology tools in business for the past decade.  For instance, here’s the link to Steve Wells’ corporate programs using EFT.  On the page, you’ll notice language like this:

How many CEO’s are working hard to avoid pain, driven more by fear of failure than by desire to succeed. If these people overcame the emotional tension associated to their part in getting things to happen or their fear of what might happen if they failed, then what would become possible for … the business?”

Until now, energy psychology in business has been focused on “clearing” – that is, removing the stress, fear of failure, procrastination and other issues that get in way of success.  While this is important, I believe it’s incomplete.

Just What IS Business Energetics??

As far as Sejual and I are aware, Business Energetics is the first energy psychology tool developed specifically for conscious business.  It draws upon the strengths of EFT, Family Constellations and conscious business principles.

Here are the 4 steps in Business Energetics:

  1. Set up the constellation. Using an adapted version of Family Constellations, we set up a constellation – a map of important relationships – of a significant business issue the client is facing.  This could be anything from improving marketing results to increasing sales performance to improving communication in a team.
  2. Re-regulate the decision maker. In business, every decision can impact your finances and career.  So when it comes to important choices, it’s easy for a client’s nervous system to become “dysregulated”  (i.e. get knocked off center).  In this step, you use energy psychology tools to help the client find his or her way into a more relaxed relationship with the choice they are facing.  Decisions aren’t made at this point.  We often use EFT or Matrix Reimprinting for this step.
  3. Engage the client’s wisdom resources. This is the step that is unique to Business Energetics. After the client is more relaxed, you then deliberately invite someone or something that represents the client’s connection with wisdom into the constellation.  This representation can be anything meaningful to the client.  For instance, client’s have reported “a warm light”, a business mentor, and Mother Theresa coming into their constellations.  With wisdom more accessible, you continue the conversation about how the client can best proceed.
  4. Close the constellation and help client integrate the wisdom. Like dreams and hypnosis, this process is powerful because it works with deeper than usual levels of consciousness.  So we make sure to help the client ease back into a more regular state.  Then, if it’s welcome, you assist the client in processing the wisdom received.  It’s important to be aware that wisdom lessons often contain multiple layers of meaning.

An Example of Business Energetics

One common theme clients come to Business Energetics with is feeling confused about where to focus their attention.  For example, “Alisa” came to me during a time she was trying to map out a new direction for her business but was riddled with uncertainty.  Here’s how we worked with this using Business Energetics:

In setting up the constellation , it became clear that Alisa had mixed feelings about “leaving” her old business.  I had her dialogue with her business as it had been and honor how it had supported her family.  Using EFT, we tapped on the combination of grief, fear and excitement she was feeling.  The picture in her constellation changed significantly.

Now that she was more relaxed, I asked Alisa to invite a representation of wisdom into the constellation.  A “warm, comforting light” showed up.  We then continued the dialogue between her, her business, and the light about how she could best proceed. The suggestions that emerged included a timeline, marketing approaches and potential partners.  We ended by her thanking her business and the light for their guidance.

The Results

Alisa left the session feeling clear and confident about how to proceed.  She was able to shift her business in a direction that was more enjoyable and profitable.  She also reports having much more energy and says she made more money in 8 weeks after her session than in the previous 6 months.

Want to Find Out More?

On February 5th, Sejual and I will be leading a Business Energetics Retreat.  During this virtual event (no travel fares, hotel fees,  meals away from home, etc),  we’ll teach you how to use Business Energetics for your situation.  Click here for more info.