Credit: H. Koppdelany

Credit: H. Koppdelany

Your money and time are very important to me.  That’s why it’s hard to hear stories where people try to grow a spiritual business in ways that don’t work.

For instance, one woman I spoke with recently spent over $15,000 on a beautiful website that didn’t work.  The graphics were awesome and the design was slick.  But it didn’t bring her a single client.

Other times, it’s been time invested.  It’s painful to focus years of your life energy and have nothing to show for it.

What’s the difference between spiritual people who grow a successful business and those who burn through their resources trying?

Know What Your Potential Client is Asking

Despite their good intentions, most coaches, therapists and healers take a misguided approach to sharing their message.  They focus on techniques, training and experience.

In other words, they tend to talk about how awesome the techniques they use are, what kind of training they have and how long they’ve been at the work.

While these are important, they’re not the most pressing questions for your potential client.  It’s like a sales person launching into a lecture about their engineering degree when someone wants to know if a car they are considering drives well in the snow.

This is exactly how to create the experience of investing $1000’s and many hours of work without seeing your business grow.

On a heart and soul level, your potential client is asking 2 questions:

  1. Does this person understand my situation?
  2. Can she/he help me?

Most coaches and therapists don’t pass the first question.  They don’t build empathy.  So people click away from your site or throw out your brochure – no matter how much time, energy and good thinking you’ve invested.  OUCH!

How to Build Empathy Quickly

In order to establish a heart connection in a fast paced world, you need an effective way to say, “I’m here to serve people exactly like YOU.”

When you do this, magic happens.  Your desire to help them reaches off the screen or piece of paper and touches their heart.  Their curiosity is engaged.  They WANT to know more.

The best way to do this is to be very clear about who you are focused on serving.  That’s why I always encourage my clients to get clear on this question:

Who can you best serve?”

Spend time with that question BEFORE you invest lots of time, energy and money on marketing.  Because everything in a successful conscious business starts with being clear about who you are there to serve.

How clear are you about who you can serve the best?  What are your questions about how this can help you attract more clients?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.