A few years ago, a neighbor who lived 3 doors down from me was launching a spiritual business.  She had heard about my work and stopped me on my way home one day.  We talked for about 10 minutes about the excitement and challenges of being a spiritual entrepreneur.

Liking what she heard about my business, she said: “Let me go check out your website.  If I like it, I think I’ll hire you.”  Two days later I got a call.   “You’re hired!”    There was no haggling about my fees …

A strong website is often the difference between stress and joy, struggle and abundance.  In today’s economy, a weak website is a form of self-sabotage.

What Kind of Site?

I’m often asked if a “do it yourself” approach will work.  My answer is: “It depends.”

I think a DIY site is a good option in these situations:

  • The large majority of your clients are face to face
  • You are not interested in increasing distance clients (phone/Skype)
  • You intend to grow your business through in-person networking
  • You are not interested in offering high end services

If this describes you, I’d recommend checking out SquareSpace. While it’s slightly more expensive than something like Weebly, it has MUCH nicer design options.

If you do work by phone/Skype, intend to use the power of the internet to grow your business and/or want to offer high end services, I highly recommend a custom designed WordPress site.  There are hundreds of reasons why.  To give you an idea, here’s a great post called 35 Reasons Why A WordPress Website is Better for Your Business.

5 Web Designers Who “Get” Spiritual Entrepreneurs

OK, you get that showing up online with a homemade site is like going to an important meeting in sweat pants.   You’re ready to commit to a custom designed site that will help your work shine.  But who do you trust to build a site that understands and can articulate the depth of the work you do?

Here are 5 Web Designers Who “Get” Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

  1. Mindful Websites. John Cavanaugh has been on a spiritual journey for decades and is a facilitator at my spiritual community in Santa Fe.  His prices are affordable and his ongoing service is the best I know.   He did my site.  Highly recommended!
  2. Divine By Design. Wahkeena has lots of experience with spiritual entrepreneurs.  Her prices are affordable and her sites are tend to be colorful.
  3. Pixel Happy Studio.  Yael is a committed yogi and is trained in energy psychology.  She did sites for 2 of my favorite energy psychology colleagues, Deborah Donndelinger and Lynne Shaner, and neither can stop raving. 🙂
  4. Your Digital Prana.  In addition to being a great designer, Alina is a certified EFT practitioner and a meditator.  She specializes in more feminine designs.  She recently built a new site for my client Annabel Fisher, who had a great experience.
  5. Power Up Productions.  The founder of Power Up also co-created the Buddhist Geeks conference.  Experience with more sophisticated designs and features as well as higher profile clients (ex. Gay and Katie Hendricks.).  Thus higher cost.

What’s Your Experience?

Co-creating a website with a designer is a very intimate experience that will effect your business for years to come.  Do you have questions?  Or can you recommend a designer who “gets” spiritual entrepreneurs?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below!