Wealth signaling is a subtle but powerful force in the conscious living world. It often involves leaders in our industry using social media to share about their experiences (retreats, trips, trainings, etc) and equipment (the latest phone, a fancy laptop, clothing they love) that unconsciously set expectations that create stress for entrepreneurs who are earlier on in their business and aren’t yet making their ideal income.

In this video I talk about 7 areas where I see conscious entrepreneurs get caught up in wealth signaling and then make choices that lead to stress include:

1) Website decisions
2) Travel
3) Professional trainings
4) Retreats
5) Business coaching
6) Equipment (laptops, phones, cameras, etc)
7) Clothing

When you are new or fairly early in your business, the difference of having an extra $10,000 or $20,000 in profit – money you have available for housing, groceries, sending your child to camp, etc is HUGE. This is why wealth signaling can be so insidious and stressful. It unconsciously encourages us to spend more, thus limiting our ability to meet our basic needs with ease and grace.

Have you seen wealth signaling in the conscious living or conscious business spaces? Has it been something you’ve had to be aware of? If so, I’d love to hear your experience and what kind of choices you’ve made in the form of a comment below.