vision retreat

The location of my recent vision retreat.

Last week, I did a week long vision retreat for 2019.  Almost as soon as I posted the above picture on social media, I started getting requests for more information about what a vision retreat is and how to set one up.  So, I’m thrilled to share 5 tips to helping you have a successful visioning experience.   I truly think it’s one of the best things you can do to help 2019 be the best year ever in your business.

5 Tips for Using a Vision Retreat for Your Best Business Year Ever

  1. Set it up as a retreat.  Even if it’s only a 2-3 hour mini retreat, give yourself the gift of stepping out of regular routines and daily responsibilities.  That frees up a completely different kind of creativity and innovation.  If you can get away for one or more overnights (highly recommended if you can), a good way to find affordable venues is AirBnb (what I’ve done in years past) or TrustedHousesitters (where I found this luxury 5 bedroom house, $120/year).
  2. Build in time for spacious reflection.  In a relaxed time frame, give yourself the opportunity to reflect on questions like:
    • What in your business is working well?
    • What in your business isn’t currently working well?
    • How is it feeling on an emotional level in your business overall?
    • How do you feel about your revenue in 2018?
  3. Make time for embodied practices.  One of the things I LOVED about my vision retreat this year is I made lots of time for embodied practices.  I’ve been learning more about the practice of pilgrimage and there were great trails right out the back door of where I did my retreat.  So I spent quite a bit of time walking with a question in my heart, listening and observing in nature.  Much got clear when I stepped out of a place of the mind and into a place of more listening to the wisdom of mind/body/spirit, nature, soul and the like.  Engage the full spectrum of your resources, not just your mind!   Other ways to do this are yoga, tai chi, a medicine walk, etc.
  4. Treat polishing be a sacred act.  Shiny object syndrome is a very powerful temptation for most of us.  The tendency is to want to rush into what’s new and exciting.  Let yourself really be with what existing offerings and systems want more cohesion and want to be more fully synced together.  Just a few intentional tweaks or a couple of actions that weave things together more skillfully can mean a LARGE gain in revenue and sustainability with little additional work.
  5. Explore what new things want to emerge.  This is the part where things really get juicy.  With the holistic awareness and foundation you’ve built in the first 4 steps, let your attention turn to visioning new offerings you are called to give birth to.  Again, I recommend engaging your embodied practices in this process – it will help you create much more grounded, powerful and resonant offerings.
With a little time set aside and willingness to explore at a deeper level, your business can go to a whole new level riding on the power of visioning instead of more typical (but less powerful) strategic thinking alone.

More Info About a Vision Retreat

Below is a video with more details about a vision retreat and how to create a successful one for yourself.