Credit: Image by 272447 on Pixabay


A colleague recently asked, “What do you think is one of the most important skills in this new era we find ourselves in?”

I said, “Being willing to try new things.”

As I’ve sat with the conversation, I realize that I want to modify that.

Trying new things – without rushing.

Most of us in the conscious entrepreneur space are finding we need to make adaptations in the era of social distancing.

The yoga studio owner who’s classes are on hold … and launches an online teacher training.

The depth entrepreneur who’s been dreaming of a podcast … and recently published her 3rd episode.

The spiritual teacher who had a busy schedule of retreats … who shifted her attention to a year long practitioner training program (it’s thriving).

I’ve seeing some conscious entrepreneurs pause, reflect and give birth to amazing offers in this time of great change.

I’m also seeing some entrepreneurs let money anxiety and fear take the reins of their business.

The difference in my observation has to do with the degree an entrepreneur takes the opportunity to pause and reflect.

I know these are poignant times and many of you are looking straight into the eyes of necessary change.  Change that wasn’t anticipated.  Change that needs to happen in a timely way. Change that might be uncomfortable.

And …

Before you rush into offering a new service or product, here’s 3 questions I encourage you to reflect on:

  1. What are your top 3 core values?
  2. What has your inner wisdom been whispering to you about being of service now?
  3. In what ways have you been listening as well as not listening to that wisdom?

Support to build out your wisdom

As some of you know, I have been offering mastermind groups for conscious entrepreneurs for years. It’s been inspiring to witness the members listening, supporting, and midwifing new offers designed for these particular times. If you could use support to help design and launch new offers, I invite you take a look at The Success for Conscious Entrepreneurs Group.