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I’m sitting on the couch after a particularly rich day of working with clients. People bringing their full selves to the process of doing work that matters in these poignant times.

People who are looking past the mechanical marketing strategies – not ignoring them, but also recognize that the presence they bring and the stories they tell matter as least as much as the strategies and tactics.

Why matters people.

Why are you launching this new program? And if your best answer is because you want a new car or a trip to some foreign land … people can smell that.

Why are you gathering up this particular kind of person you want to help?

Why do you care about her/him?

How does helping this person make a difference in the larger world? (Hint: If your answer is helping basically upper middle class people be a little less stressed … you have competitors who have a MUCH more compelling vision of their business.)

And so on.

The people I work with are willing to go into these complex questions. To sometimes be stopped in their tracks and NOT just go on with business as usual.

They sit with and inquire and get uncomfortable and write and talk to the people that know them and ….

Then …

In it’s own timing …

A beautiful birthing happens.

Something deep and fresh and powerful is born.

Something unlike I’ve ever seen before – and I’ve been doing work as first as a counselor and then coach since 1991.

THOSE moments.

There were a whole bunch of THOSE moments today.

And I am full of appreciation. Even awe.

Some people approach business and marketing as just a bunch of strategy, tactic, demographics and trends.

To me, the work my clients do is sacred. And the courage to approach one’s work that way … well, it asks a lot of us.

It’s safer to approach it transactionally.

And, when depth and soulfulness and authenticity and generousity are baked into the DNA of a business and it’s offerings …

That is something very special. Very, very special.

And I got to witness a whole bunch of that today.

This is my understanding of how “business” becomes a force for lasting and true change.

And we need to bring our whole selves to the process. A truly transformational business will not come through the birthing canal if we can’t or won’t.