The other day I spoke with a man who, after years of working in a corporate environment, is excited about having his own business.  Though it’s been up and running for about six months, to date he only has a few clients.

Why am I not seeing the success I want?” he asked.  It’s not from lack of knowledge – he’s attended the “right” seminars, read the popular books and spent many hours networking with people in his area.

Notice Yourself Trying to Stuff the Apple

In my coaching, I use a technique I call The Energetic Movie Technique, adapted from the EFT Movie Technique.  In it, I have a client watch the energetic exchange between themselves and the people they want to engage for their success goals.

Are you overwhelming people?

As my client was watching his movie, I asked him to notice his prospective client’s experience.  His answer: “I am giving them too much information.  As a prospective client, I feel overwhelmed.”

As I heard him say this, I remembered a Sufi teaching story.  I shared it with him.

Once, there was a wise Sufi teacher and a new teacher who was ready to attract her first student.  As they were talking, a man approached asking more about the Sufi path.

The experienced teacher asked the new teacher to explain the basics.  So the new teacher launched into the important mystical concepts.  When she was done, the man said, “Thank you – that was very helpful.”  And he went on his way.

After he left, the wise teacher said, “We will never hear from him again.”  The new teacher asked why.  “Because you tried to stuff the whole apple down his mouth.  In order to attract students, you must cut a thin, crisp slice of the apple and place it lovingly on his tongue. You must let him taste of the wisdom and ask for more.

Let Kindness and Love Lead You To Success

In our busy world, it’s easy to mistake trying to cram in the whole apple with being respectful of people’s time.    When we do this, we increase the feeling of overwhelm that the people around us feel.  Do you know anyone who is deeply desiring more overwhelm in their lives?

Once my client understood the energetic foundation of the thin apple slice, inspiration immediately began flowing.  He saw ways he could start offering “a good taste of my business offered with kindness and love.”  He left the session knowing in his bones how to increase his success.

I know I’ve tried to stuff an apple or two in my time.  How about you?  Can you think of a time you’ve tried to forced feed your success?  Can you also think of a time when you gave just the right sized taste and someone asked for more?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.