Lately, an increasing number of my clients are asking about social networks.  They have heard that sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google Buzz are important to success.  Nobody has time to do them all. Where do you start?

On one level, the answer is – it DEPENDS.  On who you want to connect with.  A computer programmer looking for a tech job wants a different network than a crystal wielding new age healer seeking more clients.   It’s like that old saying grandma used to say, “Different channels for different folks.”

social media3 Which network?

Most of the readers of this blog are coaches, therapists, consultants and healers of one variety or another looking for more clients.  Practicing what I preach, I recently asked the question “What’s the best social network?” to energy psychology fans on a number of social networks.  The results were clearer than a healing stone.

Facebook is the SECOND Best Social Network

The always lighthearted EFT and LOA guru Brad Yates immediately chimed in, “The Energy field”.   This lead to a number of comments like this one from EFT practitioner Jade Barbee:

Right now, Facebook feels best.  But, I echo what’s been said – the woo hoo freakin’ energy field is where it’s at.   🙂
I love Jade’s playful reminder that your energy is more important than the site. Your spiritual connection is the most important manifesting network.

OK, thanks for the woo woo reminder Paul.  Now, what about actual sites I can see on a computer?  Once you are plugged in to the cooperative universe, the best social network for most of the readers of this blog is Facebook.  Why?  Listen to the creator of Tappy Bear, Till Schilling:
As someone who is not ADHD enough for Twitter, I really Like Facebook the most!  It goes at my pace. Yet I can reach enough people should I desire to do so.

Coach and Law of Attraction fan Terry Marquez Wildemann had this insightful comment:

I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  I prefer Facebook because it’s so visual and easy to use.  Linkedin would be my second choice. I was super active on Twitter and over the last few months am on maybe once a week. I was recently told by a marketing guru that the life span of your average twitter person is about 3 months.

Facebook is the Largest, Most Fun and Effective

As has already been said, Facebook is the easiest social networking site to make sense of visually.  It’s also full of fun and high energy people – there are currently over 400 million people on Facebook.  You can find wonderful people to support your success goals no matter what they are.

Like anything else, there are strategies that are more and less effective on Facebook.  I’m curious – what has your experience been with Facebook?   What questions do you have about how to attract more of what you want there?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.  Happy manifesting!