Credit: Krystal T

On Monday, June 25th I’m being interviewed on Selling with Spirit Radio.  The topic is Successful Free Chats: 8 Guidelines to 80% Conversion (While Staying 100% True to Your Integrity).  This is material that I’ve only ever shared with paying clients before.  I’m excited to share it with you!

Here’s the info on the call.

While these guidelines can be helpful to anyone, I want to be transparent that having a high degree of success in your free chats (or any other aspect of your business) is built on a success mindset. Your presence is more important than the outer strategies!

8 Guidelines to 80% (or More) Conversion Rate for Free Chats

    1. Be perceived as having valuable expertise before you chat.  You do this through the unique power of your brand shared through your website, social media presence, presentations in your community, etc.
    2. Let them feel your caring and empathy before you chat.  They want to know you’re a caring soul, not just an expert.  Do this similar to above – blog posts, video, your newsletter, etc.
    3. Ask open ended questions that invite them to share deeply and lead naturally into your niche topic.  An example from my business is “What have you already been doing to grow your business? How’s that working?”
    4. Let them experience you witnessing the pain of their stuckness.  Everyone who’s considering hiring you is facing a challenge. Listen deeply for that stuck point.  And, don’t try and fix it in the chat.  Stay curious, ask questions, acknowledge their experience of being exactly where they are.
    5. Be clear in your nervous system what the costs of staying stuck are.  You’ll talk about the services you offer and their cost. It’s  important for YOU to be clear that doing nothing is an option too.  That choice also has “costs” – including money, time, emotional distress, etc.  Be very clear in your nervous system about the long term costs your prospect faces if she/he does nothing.
    6. Have and state clear boundaries about who is (and is not) a good client for your services.  This kind of clarity is incredibly attractive.  Enough said!
    7. If they sound like a good fit, share about your services.  If you’ve been mindful about the above 6 guidelines, the large majority of people will want (even ask) to hear about your services.  This includes costs, time commitment, payment, etc.  Keep it simple!  80% conversion usually means having several levels of service at different price ranges to offer.
    8. Agree on an action step that starts them towards momentum.  That might be a first appointment with you but not necessarily.  Don’t let your neediness run things.  Listen deeply and be creative.  It might mean actually going to the support group they’ve been thinking of.  If so, agree that they will go and send you an email about how it went.  Your patience will pay off!

These simple guidelines have allowed me to have an above 80% conversation rate for my free chats over the past 2 years while staying 100% true to my integrity.  They have also greatly increased the  conversation rates my clients experience.

What’s been effective for you in your free chats or complimentary consultations?  I’d love to here about it in the form of a comment below!