Photo by Sonny Ravesteijn on Unsplash

I’ve spoken with literally 1000’s of conscious entrepreneurs and social impact business owners over the last 10 years.

Here are the 2 things that are most common for those with a full time business (that supports a comfortable lifestyle and it’s not a hobby) that they are able to sustain:

  1. They have one or more wellness or/awareness practices they do regularly. This can be meditation, yoga, fitness routines, etc.
  2. They do one or more things in the realm of creating content on a regular basis. This can be writing blog posts, making videos, hosting a podcast, getting skillful at Instagram, etc.

These are by far the two most reliable foundations I’ve seen for creating a sustainable business in this sector. Nothing else comes close to being highly correlated with success as the consistent practice of these two things.

  • Not a fancy website
  • Not paid advertising
  • Not scrambling around trying to get influencers to promote your work
  • Not spending hours upon hours on social media sites

Start with these two foundations – a personal practice and a regular practice of creating helpful content. If you need support in putting these foundations in place, that’s a good place to invest in getting support. If these aren’t in place, I’ve seen people in this sector spend a lot of money on trainings, glitzy websites, complicated marketing programs … usually with disappointing results.

Just like building a house, you want a strong foundation.  The foundational practices of creating a healthy conscious enterprise are:

  1. A regular wellness routine for you, the founder
  2. A regular content creation practice so potential clients get to know, like and trust you

With those in place, there are many ways to build, grow and develop.  And, many conscious business owners aren’t taking the time to put these in place.