Have you ever noticed how some people plant a garden with little results while others in the same town get LOTS of fresh and tasty veggies with the very same crops?  With the official start of summer less than a week away,  I’ve seen this in several local gardens lately.

A similar thing happens in the business world too.  While two people may have similar niches, services and training, one thrives while the other withers like a tomato plant in dry sand.

Same eggplant but better soil on left

Same eggplant but better soil on left

The Roots of Success = Relationships

A plant gets most of it’s water and nutrients from a tiny – often only one cell long – structure called a root hair.  They are invisible to the naked eye.  Without good soil and a well developed root system, say goodbye to your dream tomatoes!

What I have observed is that successful business owners almost always have both a clearer sense of their relational roots than those who are struggling.

3 Questions for More Rooted Success

Smart gardeners know that abundant harvests starts with rich soil.  As a conscious business owner interested in success, your network is the roots of your business.

In exploring where things are with new clients, I find three questions can help assess where you are at in this respect very quickly.  I invite you to get a pen and a piece of paper and answer these 3 questions:

1. Who can you best serve?
2. How many people like this know you exist?
3. Who are your “table pounding fans” (Thanks to EFT founder Gary Craig for this one)?

Getting increasingly clear on these questions will allow you to grow your business with much more ease. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more success, growth and ease?

What did you notice when you answered the three questions?  How did you feel while you were exploring these questions? I’d love to hear your experience in the form of a comment below.