Owning your own business is The Dream for many of us.  You can create your own hours, work from anywhere and make an income determined by your creativity rather than an organizational chart.  It’s enough to make a grey cubicle turn green with envy.

I am a huge fan of having your own business.  HUGE.  It’s how I make my living as well as most of my clients.  Even if you’re working for someone else, you might be facing the reality that Seth Godin describes when he says, “Whether we know it or not, we’re all self-employed now.”

Relaxing woman

Stress relief starts with 1 mindful breath

Lately I have several successful solopreneurs as new clients.  While they are making good money in their businesses and like what they do, they called because they were ready for more ease.  As we have come up for stress busting plans for them, I saw several common themes that I wanted to share with you.

3 Stress Busting Tips for Solopreneurs

1) Invest daily in your most valuable resource – YOU! Solo means that your business depends on you.  It’s time to start treating yourself like the business asset that you are.  Invest in your well being by having time for inner and outer self care every day.  Meng Tan, Google’s stress management guru, reminds us that no matter how busy you are, you can find time for at least one mindful breath.  I also suggest to my clients to move their body at least 10 minutes a day.  Research shows these practices increase creativity and concentration, the cornerstones of working smarter.

Here’s a few ideas for inner practices that have evidence backing their stress busting powers: mindfulness meditation, EFT, journaling, Tai Chi or Chi Kung, and prayer.  In terms of moving your body, my suggestion is find something that you ENJOY and have fun doing it.

2) Connect with real people. Unless you make your living blogging about how the internet allows you to get everything you need without leaving the house (yep – it’s been done), it’s a good idea to leave that coveted self-created office once in awhile.  Face to face time with positive people is great for putting things into perspective.  Besides, positive people usually know how to laugh.  Alot.  And laughter is great stress relief.  Build in meaningful time with good people at least once a week.

3) Take part in a learning community. The Academy For The Love of Learning has found that we perform best when we are part of what they call a Learning Field.  Over 100 years ago, Napoleon Hill called it Mastermind Group.  Whatever you call it, we know that people who feel part of a aligned team learn how to be offer more value while feeling less stress.  My clients often report a huge increase in ease when they find a learning community that fits them.

I’ve found that clients who start practicing these 3 easy tips report feeling less stress, having more fun and making more money in their businesses.  I’m curious about what works for you?  What helps you have more ease and be more effective in your business?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.