Credit: Abhinay Omkar

Credit: Abhinay Omkar

Spring is here where I live.  The days are longer, the birds are singing and we ate our first salad out of the garden.  Delicious!

Along with spring comes the opportunity for peeling off layers.  And with the process of saying goodbye to those outside layers, I’m seeing the theme of being afraid to be seen emerge more in my work with clients.

This doesn’t surprise me.  Part of it is just what happens this time of year.  It’s easier to hide your body – and how you feel about it – under winter’s thick clothing.

Also, I’ve recommitted to my own fitness program over the past 6 months (based on Crossfit).   At 43 years old, I’m now in the best shape of my life.  People are noticing and commenting.  Honestly, it feels good. 🙂

Being more comfortable in my own body, I’m more able to notice my clients issues about being seen.

What Does Sexy Have to Do With Success?

For generations, wisdom teachers have taught that your body is a temple.  When you feel vibrant inhabiting this sacred place, your business vibration is enhanced.  You and your offerings become more magnetic.  People pay attention.

Likewise, when you feel less attractive, you bring this energy into your business. You feel more ambivalent about being seen.  Putting your message out there is more of a struggle.

You know that newsletter article you’ve been wanting to write or that new program waiting to be designed?  Imagine what would happen if you felt consistently juicy and alive when you were creating it!

3 Steps To Increase Your Business Sexy

1) Eat well and recommit to a regular exercise program. I understand that you’re busy.  And, the evidence is overwhelming. What you eat and your movement habits are the energetic foundations of your life.  You don’t have to train or cook for hours.  15 minutes a day of moderate exercise is plenty to get the good vibes moving.  If you’re having trouble starting or sticking with it, than it’s time to get support.

2) Do something daring every day. Facebook is sexy – it’s one of the fastest growing companies in the world.  One of their company values is “Be bold.”  Many spirit based business owners could use more of this.  Make it practice for a month to do something more daring than usual.  For instance, yesterday I started a conversation on my Facebook wall about sexual energy and business success – my most popular ever.

3) Find “clothing” that brings out your sexy. Over the past year, I’ve increased my awareness of how I’m presenting myself both online and off.  For instance, I recently bought a form fitting, striped shirt from Banana Republic.  It’s not something I would have worn in the past.   It fits who I am now and is a energetic match for how I feel inside. I feel GOOD wearing it!

If you let go of how you’ve thought about business clothing in the past, what new possibilities would emerge?  Let yourself play with options you haven’t considered in the past.

The same principles apply to your online “clothing” – your website and social media presences.  How does the look and feel of your website match who you are now?  If the answer is “not very well”, make it priority to create more alignment.

Like money and business, sexual energy is often challenging for spiritual people.  Yet, you can be deeply spiritual AND have this vital form of energy flowing in your business.  How do you allow this energy to light up your business?  What are your questions about how to be skillfully sexy in your business?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions in the form of a comment below!