At some point in their journey, most of my clients decide to start their own business.  Many of best business thinkers of our time, such as well known blogger Seth Godin, are very outspoken about entrepreneurship as the best path to success and satisfaction.

So you have decided that for you, Right Livelihood means offering the world your heart based services.  You know that in order for you to serve the world, the world has to know you exist. Your task is to help people to find out about your work in a spiritually aligned way.  What’s the best way to do this?

fun dining

Get Familiar With the Menu

What’s the first thing that they do once you have settled in at a good restaurant?   After you have a glass of wine or sparkling water in your hand, your server goes through the menu with you.  They give you a sense of each dish available and what it’s key flavors are.

Too many new entrepreneurs approach their online marketing decisions like fast food.  Your spiritual business is SACRED – it’s way too important for this grab it and go approach!

So before you jump onto the latest online marketing craze, I want to invite you take a deep breath and join me for a relaxed look at the 7 Most Powerful Marketing Strategies for Spiritual People:

1) A Dynamic Website

You may have heard the term “Web 2.0”.  What is it?  The key word is INTERACTIVE.  Instead of just an online version of a brochure (my name is Paul, these are my services, here’s how to contact me, etc), a dynamic website is always growing and changing. You add information about upcoming events, have questionnaires, and give people who visit your site a chance to comment on what’s there.

The Inner Skills: On an energetic level, a successful dynamic website is created through an attitude of ongoing service, clarity about your purpose and a willingness to authentically present yourself.

The Outer Skills: Success means adding new content over time and basic website management skills.

Spiritual Example: The Wisdom 2.0 Summit site.

2) Social Media Marketing

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years, you’ve heard about the recent boom in social media sites.  For instance, Facebook just passed Google in number of regular visitors in the US.  In social media marketing, you connect with people on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and combine genuine relationship building with authentic marketing.

The Inner Skills: For social media success, you need a mindset of authentic interest in others, deep listening and clarity about your business.

The Outer Skills: Strong writing, time management, and community organizing skills will go a long way towards social media marketing success.

Spiritual Example: Deepak Chopra on Facebook.

3) Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging is simply an online journal about a topic that you are interested.  It can be in written or video form (known as vlogging).  With this strategy, you share the latest in your topic area as well as helpful thoughts in the field.  You also have the option of having your readers add their thoughts in the form of comments.

The Inner Skills: Good writing (or video) skills plus passion for and clarity about your topic are the foundations of success.

The Outer Skills: You need to know your topic area and know the technology of creating and maintaining a blog.  You also want to have the relationships that allow you to stay current with what’s happening in your field.

Spiritual Example: Law of Attraction Coach Jeanette Maw’s blog.

4) Video Marketing

Video is becoming increasingly important on the web.  Youtube is best known video sharing site, but many others exist.  In video marketing you use the medium of video to share your passion and your knowledge about your topic.

The Inner Skills: Video requires a high level of comfortable with being “out there”.

The Outer Skills: Producing and editing video, presentation skills, lighting.

Spiritual Example: EFT and LOA Coach Brad Yates’ Youtube Channel.

5) Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a fancy way to say people telling their friends about your business.  It usually involves sharing something of high value for free with the intention of inspiring people to share with friends and colleagues.

The Inner Skills: Solid belief in what you offer and the skill to share it a way that stands out from the crowd.

The Outer Skills: You need to produce good content and package it in a professional way.

Here’s a link to 47 Examples of Viral Marketing success.

6) Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the first forms of online marketing.  Though it’s influence is declining, it still can be a powerful marketing strategy.  As the spiritual business owner, you inspire people to share their email with you by offering a free ebook and/or a great newsletter.  Then, you send regular emails with tips, updates and information about your area of expertise as well as relevant information about your services.

The Inner Skills: Authenticity and ability to transmit your passion in words.

The Outer Skills: Strong copywriting skills and technology skills such as autoresponders and email management programs.

Spiritual Example: Attraction Diva Jen Blackert has built an email list of 10,000’s.

7) Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the appropriate and deliberate use of deliberate keywords in a natural way in the text of your website.  You do this so that search engines like Google and Yahoo will list your site towards the top of the list when someone does a search for keywords related to your business.

The Inner Skills: Clarity.  Clarity.  More Clarity!

The Outer Skills: Keyword research skills and strong language skills.

Example: One company’s results with SEO.

I hope this post has given you a sense of what main marketing options are available to you.  No one is going to be an expert in them all – I usually recommend to new clients to look for 2-3 to start with.  Then, we come up with a custom plan to combine them in synergistic ways.  That’s a topic for another blog post.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the form of a comment below.