Credit: Urs Steiner

“Does the world really need another post on using Facebook to grow a business?”  Even though TONS has been written about growing a business with Facebook, much of it feels unaware of the needs of spiritual entrepreneurs.  So when clients have asked about what to read, I haven’t felt comfortable recommending anything.

So here are my Top 4 Facebook Tips for Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

Identify the Most Helpful Profile Type for YOU

There are 2 basic Facebook profile types: 1) a personal profile and 2) a “Page” (formerly known as a “Business Page”).  There are two important questions that go into which is the best fit for your needs.

The first question is: what stage of development is your business in?  One important thing to know if you are new or not very well known is that many gathering places for attracting clients and networking with colleagues are only available to those with a personal profile.  For instance, you can only join a Facebook group and interact on your colleagues pages and profiles with a personal profile.

The second question to explore is: how comfortable are you with your business network seeing your personal life and your family and friends observing your business activities?  For instance, a colleague is very active in an online radical fairy community.  Though he’s fine people knowing he’s gay, he felt it wasn’t a good mix and decided to create a separate Facebook presence for his business.

Lead with Wisdom and Vulnerability

By themselves, simple marketing strategies don’t work well in the spiritual sector.  In order to effectively attract clients and business opportunities on Facebook, people need to get a sense of the depth of your work and your compassion BEFORE they hire you.  One of the best ways I know how to do this is skillfully share your wisdom and vulnerability.

Share your wisdom as it relates to helping your ideal client.  For instance, if you are a parenting coach, share 3 things you’ve seen help parents have the most connection and joy with their children over the summer school break.  Be generous with your wisdom!

Many coaches, therapists and healers seem addicted to playing the “expert”.   Allowing your vulnerability to show on Facebook will set you apart.  Here’s an image I use with clients to help feel into skillfulless and vulnerability on Facebook.

Think of the metaphor of manure on the garden. If you take fresh, green manure and put it on the garden – it KILLS the plants. That same manure composted is one of the best things you can do for a garden. The same applies with your personal manure. Compost it, then share it.  This is MUCH more attractive than either the “expert addict” or “share everything” approaches that are common on Facebook.

Show up.  Interact.  Repeat.

You can’t build a business without consistent presence.  Period.  That’s as true on social sites as any other form of networking or marketing.  Find a realistic amount of time you can commit to Facebook and then show up regularly.  For instance, a client of mine recently committed to showing up 3 times per week, for 30 minutes a day (15 minutes in the morning, 15 later in the day).  I think he’ll do well!

Engage Frequently, Sell Infrequently

The spiritual world is VERY sensitive to over selling.  You need to find ways to engage potential clients and joint venture partners before you tell them about your awesome services and products.

Some good ways to do this are:

  1. Post articles or interviews that are interesting to your audience.
  2. Ask questions that stimulate conversation about topics that your audience feels passionate about.
  3. Share images or videos that touch on important themes.
  4. Tell stories that relate to your topic.

Once you have interaction and community building on your Facebook profile or page, then it’s time to start letting people know about aligned offerings.  If you work with people who have health issues, then tell the about the great new wellness program your starting next month.  However, I’d  suggest that you never promote more than 10% of time and keep it related to the central themes of your spiritual business.

These 4 tips will help your time on Facebook be most interesting, fun and productive.  And, there’s no cookie cutter formula for growing a spiritual business.  What have you found to be helpful on Facebook?  What questions do you have?  I’d love to hear about it in the form of a comment below.