I’m excited!  Tomorrow, I fly to California for a 3 day retreat focused on taking a visionary organization to new level.  And I get to work with 2 of my favorite co-workers from Wisdom 2.0 2013.

Though I know many spiritual entrepreneurs enjoy – even crave – working in collaboration, I see many struggle to find business relationships that work both on heart and financial levels.  Over the years I’ve developed a model that allows my clients and I to create effective and nurturing business relationships.  I call it The 3 Foundations of Effective and Nurturing Spiritual Business Relationships:

1) Spiritual Practice

In my experience, mindfulness is the core of successful business relationships.  When collaborators are aware of and take responsibility for the thoughts and feelings they bring to a project, the work tends to flow more easily.  Innovative approaches are easier to find.  Conflicts arise less often and they tend to be resolved more easily.

When I am making decisions about who to work with, I’ve learned to get curious about a potential collaborator’s spiritual practice.  I find these questions helpful:

  1. Do you have a mindfulness or spiritual practice?
  2. How long have you been practicing?
  3. How does your spiritual practice impact your work?

2) Alignment

There is a power and a resonance that comes from being part of something greater than ourselves.  When this is present, a project has a vitality that is palpable.  Everyone notices – including clients and customers.

As I’ve matured as a spiritual entrepreneur, I’ve learned to give space for the conversations that are necessary to see if I’m aligned with potential business partners.  I’ve also learned that laughter and FUN are frequent visitors to business relationships where alignment is present.  😉

Some questions to explore:

  1. Why do you feel passionate about this project?
  2. How do you see this project in relationship to your personal mission and values?
  3. What would it look like to be successful beyond your wildest dreams?

3) Complimentary Skills

A common pattern I see among spiritual entrepreneurs is entering business relationships with people who have very similar skill sets.  For instance, a colleague of mine just stopped a program she had been co-teaching for several years.  It was a practice development program for practitioners of a modality they were both certified in.  The reason they stopped was because the program wasn’t making enough money.

Diversity is a key to successful business relationships.  Complimentary skills and divergent worldviews put into service of the success of a project creates a stronger base.  And, people with different skills tend to have different networks to draw from.  When combined consciously, this diversity tends to create more financial success.

Some questions to explore:

  1. How do you approach people who see things differently?
  2. What complimentary skills do you see each person bringing?
  3. Do we have the full range of skills we need to succeed on this project?

What’s Your Experience?

I’m curious about your experience creating effective and nurturing spiritual business relationships.  What’s worked well for you?  What hasn’t been effective?  I’d really appreciate hearing from you in the form of a comment below!