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Nancy Swisher

(NOTE: If you aren’t sure what a mindful rebrand is, I suggest you start with this post.)

I’d like to introduce you to Nancy Swisher.   First of all because she’s super cool.  Second because she’s been on a deep spiritual path for decades and people on my list tend to like that quality in a person.  🙂

And also because she’s recently emerged from a rebrand of her conscious business.  Over the years, many of you have asked me questions about the rebranding process – the why, the what and the how.   Nancy agreed to share about her journey to help give an embodied sense of the rebrand process. Thanks for bringing a personal perspective to this important conversation and for trusting me to be your guide Nancy!

Before the Rebrand

Nancy started doing personal growth work professionally using psychospiritual healing tools in 1995 (her personal journey started years earlier).   For many years she described it as “incredibly fulfilling”.   She felt honored to support people in their healing and get paid to do it.  It was a source of joy and gratitude in her life.  You can get a sense of this work she was doing at her old website,

One thing to know about Nancy is that – like most of you – she’s very committed to doing her own personal work.  And that continued.   While many of her peers were climbing the corporate ladder, raising children, buying and caring for large homes, Nancy was going DEEP.

Meditation.  Personal mentors.   Retreats.  Years living at a spiritual community.  More mediation …

5 Signs Your Soul Wants to Rebrand

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~ Anais Nin

Nancy had changed from all that inner work – a LOT.  And the satisfaction she felt in her work with clients had gone down.   It’s not that she hated it.  She still was grateful to be doing deep work.

But something felt “off” and “not quite right”.   When I asked her to be more specific, Nancy shared these 5 Signs Your Soul Wants to Rebrand:

  1. You are dissatisfied for the first time.
  2. You feel a lack of alignment.
  3. You feel a mismatch between what you have to give and what your clients need.
  4. You aren’t turned on anymore.
  5. Your true brilliance isn’t being tapped.

Nancy was poignantly feeling all of these.  It was time to grow in a new direction.

Nancy is also a painter. This one is called Eagle Spirit.

Getting Support to Rebrand

After finishing writing a book, Nancy’s attention was freed up.  She reached out for help.  The first two coaches she connected with told her that she “already knew who her ideal client was” and she should just focus on growing her existing business.  The business was steadily providing her with a decent lifestyle.  Why rock the boat?

After a couple of false starts going further in the direction of the focus she already had, Nancy’s inner wisdom spoke up – and she listened.

Nancy reached out to me and fairly quickly in our conversation we both came to understand that her soul was calling for a rebrand.  It wasn’t about a different structure for her business or more polished marketing strategies or beefier business systems (though she wasn’t opposed to any of these).   Her soul was calling for a new foundational story.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.   Exploring values and Zen Cornerstones and copywriting and  … well, it was the spiritual entrepreneurs equivalent to there being dust EVERYWHERE when you remodel your kitchen.   Work, inquiry, laughter.  And, of course, jokes about chocolate.   🙂

When asked her about getting support for a rebrand, Nancy said:

“When we’re looking to someone for guidance, but it’s feeling off – it’s real important to listen to that and to trust that.  And to not just keep going.  That was a learning for me.

But the rebranding itself – once we started it – it was quite a little adventure.  There was a lot of work.  What I did was I looked at the clients who I was totally turned on to work with.  I already had a number of those clients.

What we did is really look at what IS that.  What is it that I’m loving so much in these kinds of clients?” ~ Nancy Swisher

After the Rebrand – A Juicy New Reality

In this inquiry, Nancy got really clear that she now wanted to provide Spiritual Mentorship for Emerging and Established Women Leaders, to help them bring their deepest self to life and work.  When I asked her what it was like to stand in the marketplace with this kind of clarity, Nancy said, “Now it feels completely natural.”

She went on to tell the story of how even before her new website went live, clients who fit her clarified understand of who she’s here to serve began showing up at a higher rate.  I notice that this tends to happen a lot – that just going through the inner clarifying process begins to shift who an entrepreneur attracts.  More aligned and better paying clients.

As part of the rebranding alignment, Nancy’s rates will go up.   And she has no doubts that this new type of client a) sees the value to justify the higher rates and b) that they are equally committed to doing deep work.  It’s a combo that she is very excited about.

What does life feel like living with this new brand?    “I love working with emerging and established women leaders!”  There’s a new vitality in her work that she hasn’t felt for years.   That “turned on” feeling is back in a beautiful way.

Again, Nancy’s new website is   The data on how the new brand feels is definitely in – and it’s very, very positive.   Since the new site just went live, we don’t have the data on how it’s impacting her income yet.  I’ll circle back around before 2015 ends and add an update with that info (Nancy said she’d be OK with this).

What’s Your Experience With Rebranding?

Have you ever gone through a time where you lost that “turned on” feeling in your business?   When you felt like there was a mismatch in terms of what you had to give and what your clients were needing?

If so, what did you find helpful?   I’d love to hear your experience in the form of a comment below.