I’ve been having some very honest conversations recently with conscious business owners who are feeling tired and frustrated with social media. There’s a number of things they are mentioning including:

  • Spending lots of time on sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn but not getting many paying clients.
  • An increasing culture of polarization and conflict on social media that takes more time and energy to manage.
  • Changes in the algorithms meaning fewer people even see your posts.

No wonder people are getting tired and questioning whether it’s even a viable way to grow a business.

In this context, I have 3 primary suggestions to help you release this fatigue, reclaim your energy and move into more effective uses of your time in terms of attracting paying clients:

1) Deepen your understanding of who your ideal client is. We can alway learn more and even seemingly small nuances can make a BIG difference. When you know your ideal client very well, your job is focus your energy on going where she or he is – online or off. Don’t waste your time on any platform, community or activity that isn’t a place with LOTS of your ideal client.

2) Up your content marketing game. Stop spending so much of your time reacting and commenting to other people’s posts and comments. Instead, put more energy into creating videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, in person talks, etc that position you as the thought leader. Once you get really good at creating content that’s highly valuable to your ideal client, the work to attract enough clients to live a prosperous lifestyle is very, very manageable.

3) Consider paid advertising. As I mention in the video, social media algorithms are increasingly limiting who sees our posts in an “organic” (unpaid) way. Fighting these changes is swimming upstream. I encourage you to consider adding a budget in the range of $80-200 per month for “small spend advertising” on Facebook and Instagram. With a little knowledge, that budget ensures that 1000’s of new people start to get to know you and your work. It’s one of the most time effective and sustainable ways I know of to grow a business at this time.

Thanks for watching! I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.