Lately, I’ve been having some very honest dialogues with conscious entrepreneurs about revenue and revenue streams. I think it’s one of the most important conversations you can have when you’re trying to grow a conscious business. Authentic, real world information about what a conscious business offers and how those synch up to create a good living. Unfortunately, my experience is that this is rare in many conscious business and social entrepreneur circles.

In the effort to move the needle, I recently shared about the 5 main offers in my business as well as the price point for each one. Quite a few conscious entrepreneurs said they found this very, very helpful.

So, I wanted to share my 5 main sources of revenue with you.

  1. A $99 “sampler session”. It’s called The Easeful Marketing Plan. It’s a one time 60 minute session with the outcome being a simple yet comprehensive marketing plan. 
  2. A $300 Strategy Session. This is a more in depth one time meeting with a 90 minute session plus email support for 2 weeks. It’s intended for someone who wants feedback on several questions they are working with in their busines.
  3. Small group coaching. I offer a Conscious Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group for $1200 for a 6 month agreement. The ideal candidate for these groups (I currently have 2 running) is a conscious entrepreneur who wants ongoing and affordable support to grow their business.
  4. Individual coaching. For conscious entrepreneurs who want more individualized support, I typically work with them in a 6 month individual coach agreement. We meet 2x/month for 90 minutes plus have email contact between. The fee is $3000 usually paid in six payments of $500.
  5. Immersion retreat. I develop my Conscious Business Immersion Retreats for people who are in a very dynamic phase of growth or in a significant rebrand process and want a more intensive path forward – as opposed to working for month to get clarity. I charge $1500 per day (travel & lodging not included) and meet with clients for a custom designed, in person, 1-1 retreat. Most commonly, I recommend 3 days in which case revenue is $4500.

Again, I share the above in an effort to help move things past a certain dynamic of opaqueness in the conscious business space. More important to me, is what are your questions about sustainable revenue and what type of offers would help you move in the direction of your goals?