Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

It was a stressful day yesterday. My partners daughter (who I adore) was in a school lock down drill that was incredibly scary for her. Our political situation feels perilous. On top of an already full work day, an opportunity to submit a large proposal surfaced – and it has a tight turn around time.

So, when it was time for my men’s group to meet at my house, I was tired and not very enthusiastic. Part of me wished it wasn’t happening.

And then … the magic happened.

5 men sitting in a living room talking very honestly about violence. That was our topic – both violence in our own lives and what’s happening collectively.

I forgot the magic of sitting in a circle where powerful truthtelling is happening.

I forgot the magic of being witnessed by people who care and are paying attention.

I forgot the magic of witnessing in a committed community.

It is so easy to forget in busy and stressful times.

This morning I am energized.
This morning I feel clear.
This morning I remember my purpose.

And so for anyone who is feeling tired or lost or stressed or full of despair, may this post gently serve as a reminder of what happens when we sit in a committed community of people who allow themselves to deeply witness each other and tell the truth.

The same is true in developing our businesses.  Witnessing is essential.