pause wisdompreneurs facebook groupWhen Wisdompreneurs got started, I never dreamed I would write a post titled Why I Pushed Pause on the Wisdompreneurs Facebook Group. Yet, after 4 years of long hours growing a dynamic community of over 20,000 people – a community I’ve come to love deeply –  I changed the settings of the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group today.  Here’s a screen shot of the new settings:

push pause wisdompreneurs facebook group 2
In other words, community members can no longer post to the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group.  It is now officially on pause.

I would love to tell you the full story about how this came about.  And, due to an ongoing legal situation, I have been advised by the lawyers involved to keep this sharing very lean.

The only thing I am able to say at this time is that there is legal situation involving Wisdompreneurs and continuing to keep the Facebook group operating in these conditions is not possible.

So, today I pushed pause on the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group.  I can imagine this is challenging to hear for those of you who have invested time and energy in developing relationships and growing the community.  I’m very sorry.

Other Supportive Communities

I know how valuable having thought partners and a supportive community is when you are doing innovative and transformational work.  While there’s nothing quite like the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group, there are other communities on the web where conscious entrepreneurs gather and support each other.  If you would like to explore what options might be a fit for you for such support while the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group is in Pause (we don’t know how long), feel free to sign up for my email newsletter.  I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon that outlines other supportive communities for conscious entrepreneurs.

Again, I’m deeply sorry that the situation has gotten to this point.  It breaks my heart to have to hit publish on this post.