It happened again today.  Another spiritual entrepreneur spilled out her exhaustion and overwhelm (the feelings were palpable). This is the third session I’ve had like this in the past 10 days.

September is here and the lazy days of summer are gone.  Teachers are back to teaching.  Parents are back to shuttling kids to school and soccer practice.  Clients are moving ahead with getting support to change their lives …

The Dangers of A Big Heart

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked almost exclusively with heart centered entrepreneurs like you.  I love your refreshing honesty, your deep compassion, your fierce commitment to growth and the vastness of your kindness.  In fact, just writing these qualities down gives me chills!

Still, there are challenges – I’d even use the word dangers – that comes with the BIG AWESOME HEART you have.  And one of the biggest challenges is burnout and”compassion fatigue.”  In other words, you are prone to saying YES to pouring out more loving attention than you can sustain.

Compassion Doesn’t Mean YES All The Time

Wounding (think Wounded Healer archetype) is one of the most common pathways to a service business.  Pain, suffering and even violation show in the stories I’ve heard from spiritual entrepreneurs around the world.

I think it’s fantastic that you’ve dedicated your life to serving others.  Still, when you come from the School of Suffering, it often leads to an uneasy relationship with the word NO.  You might struggle to live a life that includes BOTH the words “compassion” and  “NO.”  And that often leads to exhaustion, overwhelm and sub-optimal business behavior.  Not fun.  🙁

The 5 Beautiful Ripple Effects of the Word NO in Business

In over 25 years of working with people – I’ve worked with over 15,000 clients since 1985 – I’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of NO.  Here’s The 5 Beautiful Ripple Effects of the Word NO in Business:

  1. Just say NO to drama.  When people who aren’t aligned try to work together, drama is much more likely to occur.  If you like drama, go read some other blog.
  2. Time spaciousness starts here.  Saying NO to activities that aren’t a good fit tends to open up juicy chunks of time.  What a relief not to have to rush anymore!
  3. Clear boundaries are highly attractive.  When you know your vision and say NO to things that don’t fit that, your clarity sends a clear message to everyone around you and to the Universe.
  4. NO is the immune system for your spirit. Limits are the energy equivalent of your immune system. They both keep things that aren’t good for you from wearing you down and sapping your vitality.
  5. Say goodbye to ambivalence and procrastination.  When you can say NO to what isn’t a good fit, ambivalence and procrastination show up in your life less often.

What’s Your Experience With NO?

How easy is it for you to say NO in a business context?  What have you seen happen when you have said NO in your work?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the form of a comment below!