Yesterday, we announced a new website for Awarepreneurs, the social enterprise that I am the founder of.  In addition to a new website, I’ve also committed to growing the Awarepreneurs brand and community – particularly by having guests who are better known on the podcast on a more regular basis.

I’m also at the beginning the launch of another project I’m very excited about through – a collaboration with Michele Mattix about how to grow your wellness business called  The free calls will start next month and the 4 week online class starts in September.

And I’m also working with several clients who are launching books in the next few months.  Doing a book launch skillfully … it’s a high output, ongoing  project.

I love the range of meaningful and aligned work I get to do.  I’m a highly motivated learner and this kind of variety keeps me engaged in new subjects in an ongoing way.

They say “like attracts like”.  So reading the above, it probably doesn’t surprised you that I might have more than one client who has more than one interest. 

Here’s 4 questions I suggest my clients who have more than one interest ask themselves:

  1. How much support do you have for each project?  Starting multiple projects all from scratch is a lot of work and could slow your progress.  Consider how much of a network you have for each project and let that help you make wise choices about how much energy to invest.
  2. How likely is each project to contribute to your “sustainability number”? This is the amount you need to earn every month to pay your basic bills.  Some projects are more likely to bring in revenue in a more timely way than others.  If you’re not sure, this could be a good place to get some input who knows your space.
  3. How much “runway” do you have? It takes a certain amount of space to get a jet plane off the tarmac.  Similarly, different spiritual entrepreneurs come to the process with different amounts of resources.  Some have savings or a spouse who’s willing to fund them in a startup period that might be several years.  Others have much less of this kind of support.  Being honest about your timeframe can help you make choices about how to prioritize your energy across the several interests you have.
  4. How much tech and marketing knowledge do you have?  No matter what kind of venture you are launching, there are likely to be some marketing and technology foundations you need to set in to place.  After 13 years in business, I am pretty familiar with these foundations and it takes me MUCH less time to set them in motion.  When I was newer to business, each step was a big learning process and it took longer.

Because I have established work that pays the bills, a good foundation of tech and marketing skills in place, established networks, etc in place, it’s easier for me to stay present with several projects at once these days.  Earlier on in my business journey, I tried this several times and dropped a number of balls.  I would have been better off back then in taking a more phased approach and concentrate on getting one thing up, running smoothly, and bringing in substantial revenue before looking at other projects.

I hope these questions can help you find more easy and grace in navigating your multiple interests. I want to close by saying thank you for being someone who loves this world and has passion for a number of beautiful parts of it.

What about your situation?

Do you have questions about what to do when you have more than one project you are passionate about?  I’d love to hear your questions or comments in the form of a comment below.