One of the biggest struggles that clients and people who watch my videos have been reporting lately is feeling challenged to stay with marketing their work. This is especially true when family commitments go up (like in summer time) or when your marketing starts to be successful and you get more clients. It’s easy to begin to slide with your newsletter, videos, podcasts, blog posts and the like. But when you do, the number of new inquiries for your product or services tends to drop – sometimes dramatically.

Here’s what you can do to get off this cycle.


3 Strategies to Make Your Marketing More Sustainable

In this video, I share 3 strategies to help increasingly busy entrepreneurs stay steady with your marketing. They are:

  1. Cultivate an attitude of “marketing as being of service.” Your content can make a BIG difference in your ideal client’s life. This awareness can help you feel more clear and aligned about why your marketing is important – and stay with it.
  2. Try videos – they are more time efficient. If you can get over the natural shyness that most people have of being on camera, videos are both a very powerful way to connect with your ideal client and take less work than most other forms of creating content.
  3. Explore small spend ads – especially Facebook ads – to expand your reach. Starting with $1 per day will allow each piece of content you create to be seen by more people – meaning you don’t have to create content as often. And, there are other great things you can do once somebody watches or engages with (likes, comments or shares) your content on Facebook. I’ll cover these in upcoming videos.

Summing up

In short, you’ve invested time, money and other resources to learn to do the transformational work you do. I hold the vision that there are aligned and sustainable ways to make your work visible and bring in ideal clients to your business – while helping people with your content along the way.If you’d like to make sure you get to see all the tips and strategies I share, please sign up for my newsletter at