Photo credit: John Salvino on Unsplash

Without meaning to, business and marketing coaches are creating stress, harm and failure.


The unspoken norm – even in the conscious business world – is that anyone who wants to succeed in today’s realities “needs” to be on most or all of the platforms out there.  From what we model and/or explicitly teach to our clients, you “should” be doing at least most of the below:

  • Have a blog
  • Make videos
  • Have your own podcast and/or be a guest on other people’s podcasts
  • Have an email newsletter that goes out regularly
  • Have a “free gift” to inspire people to sign up for said newsletter
  • Be on Facebook
  • Be on Instagram
  • Be on Linked In
  • Be on Twitter
  • Be on Pinterest
  • Do Facebook and/or Instagram ads
  • Do SEO for all your pages and all your content
  • Have a “sales funnel” that you are regularly feeding via the above strategies
  • Etc, etc, etc

Now if you are a major corporation with a 7 or 8 figure marketing budget, a good portion of the above is doable.  Because you’d have a TEAM.  A group of people, each of whom is a professional in a few of the above.

But most of my clients are solopreneurs or micro business owners (less than 10 employees total).  Trying to do all or even a good portion of the above is expecting more than is humanly possible.

But if you follow the typical business coach, they will sing the praises of some new strategy – or even a couple – every month.  Over the course of a year, they will have encouraged you to be doing most of the above list.  And rarely does the typical business coach say “Just pick a few.  Doing any more would be harmful to your well being and your business success.”

Our entire modern culture is built on bigger, faster, and more.  And that mindset – in it’s own way – is very common in the business coaching world.  

The problem is, if you are a transformational entrepreneur who doesn’t have a big team and marketing budget, these norms and mindsets actually encourage you to harm yourself via overwork, stress and trying to do what’s more than humanly possible.

What to do instead?

Instead of trying to be on all the channels and do all the things, I want to encourage you to do these 3 things:

  1. Pick one content channel to be your “featured marketing channel”.  Usually, this is a blog, podcast or video channel.  Mine is the Awarepreneurs pdocast.  This is where you share generously and deeply on the kinds of topics your ideal client wants help with before they hire you (as opposed to “behind a paywall”).
  2. Build your skills in this particular medium (as a blogger, podcaster or video maker).  And really go deep into the topics most of your peers aren’t.
  3. Have a few other things you do marketing wise (from the above list).  Maybe pick 3 others to start with.  And then have at least 1/3 of what you do on these other channels point to what you’ve selected in #1 (your featured marketing channel).

What you’re doing here is using depth and skill as the foundations of your marketing success instead of overworking and trying to be everywhere at once.  In  a culture that is obsessed with bigger, faster & more, you’ll stand out.  Especially as you get into really helpful explorations around the topics most of your peers only bring up with their paying clients, your business will stand out with a lot less stress and self-harm.

If you need help

If you could use help designing a marketing plan that is both effective and kind to your well being, I’m loving working with people in the Strategy Session Packages I offer.  We’ll map out your featured content channel, the other strategies you will commit to, and give you complete permission to ignore the rest of the above list.  There’s no long build or months of expensive coaching to commit to.  It’s lean, fast and effective.

My fees will be going up across the board (about 35%) as of January 1st, so if you are thinking of working with me in any way, I encourage you to consider signing up before December 31st.