marketing fatigue

Awareness can help us through marketing fatigue.

I’ve been having some really honest conversations with clients and colleagues about people feeling really tired of egoic marketing. Hyped up promises and rushed transformation.  Can you say marketing fatigue?

In this context, it can be hard to feel motivated to send out your newsletter, write that blog post or make your next video.

In this video, I share a simple 3 step process I use with clients and with myself to help move through marketing fatigue and reconnecting with your authentic marketing voice.

Here’s the video that leads you through the simple 3 step exercise:

Here’s the complete text of the video:

I love this bell.

My name is Paul Zelizer of and this bell was given to me as a gift from a friend and a very poignant time in my life.

It’s an antique Tibetan meditation bell and it reminds me of purpose and a sense of resonance and purity.

Today I want to explore with you about finding your way back into the marketing flow if you’ve been feeling marketing fatigue.

I’m the co-founder of Wisdompreneurs, an online community of over 16,000 people. In that community and among my clients I’ve been hearing a lot of talk and have been engaged in some really heart to heart conversations about marketing fatigue.  There’s so many people writing newsletters and making videos and writing blog posts and the like that some of my clients and some of the community members are feeling a sense of “Why even do it? It doesn’t even matter.”

So I want to lead you through a simple three-step process rather then trying to convince you that it matters or not. I want to help you find your way back into the marketing flow.

Part One of the Exercise

I want to invite you to go ahead and maybe get five or ten percent more comfortable. See if you can let your spine be supported and then bring your awareness to your feet on the floor just letting yourself notice – what does it feel like to have your awareness be right at that point where your feet are touching the ground?

Take a couple of breaths just noticing that.

And then for a moment I want you to call up – even if it’s a little uncomfortable – call up the experience of feeling tired or doubt or overwhelmed when it comes to marketing.  (marketing fatigue)

Where does that feeling live in your body?

Then I want you to bring your awareness back to your feet.

Just for a moment there is nothing to do but just be a human being sitting with feet on the floor and have your awareness being right at that point where your feet are touching the ground.

Then come back to those feelings of uncomfortable around marketing..

Bring your awareness back to your feet on the floor and then one last time notice where in your body those feelings around being fatigued or overwhelmed with marketing and then breathing down into your feet as much of your awareness as possible of your feet touching the ground

Why are we doing this?

What we’re doing here is letting it be OK in your nervous system to have the experience that you have these feelings about marketing.   And, we’re building the muscle of being able to go back and forth in and out of that experience without either way being right or wrong.

Part Two of the Exercise

The next step in this process is I want you to come back in to the feeling of why you started your business in the first place

There was an inspiration a desire to really help a particular kind of person and I want you to see if you can find that.

For me there’s right in my belly.

I was a counselor and a social worker in community mental health systems and I wanted to do deeper and more transformational work. I also wanted to help people around issues related to their livelihood not just a wide variety of problems

So that was my inspiration.

What was yours?

Why did did you start your business? See if you can find that feeling in your body.Just reconnect with it for a second.

Stop.  Pause.

Notice what was that original inspiration.


Deep Service As Antidote to Marketing Fatigue


For the third and last step in this process, I want you to play with the intent of being of deep service.  A lot of marketing feels really self-serving – buy this program! Sign up for my newsletter now!

I want you to from your feet all the way from the tips of your little toes feel the desire to be of
service around a particular challenge or to somebody who has a desire that they want
to make some positive changes in their life.

Feel what it feels like to bring the intent to meet them with care, to meet them and support them with your marketing.  We can even use the word love – to bring love and the desire for a
good life.  Bring that in your marketing. Bring that intent.

What does that feel like?

It’s like the antidote to ego based marketing and marketing fatigue. Notice me and by my stuff. That goes away.

I care about your progress I want you to live a happy life.
I want you to be fulfilled.

Notice what that feels like

Again my name is Paul Zelizer of Thank you so much!

I hope this video helped you move in the direction of finding your way into the marketing flow. And through some of the marketing fatigue that so many are experiencing.

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Thank you very much!