Credit: Mike Baird

It’s frustrating when you’re not able to manifest what you want consistently or easily.  And few things bring more joy than when you see something that you’ve been wanting start to show up in your life.

This past week, I’ve experienced great joy as I saw a dream of mine – to work with more local clients in my business – come into being.  I signed 3 new local clients in the past week alone.  It feels AWESOME to be watching this dream turn to reality.

How did it happen?

Activate the Masculine AND Feminine Energies

For a good portion of May and June, I was listening to and learning from the Awakened Man Summit.  One of the big themes that speaker after speaker talked about was the importance of activating BOTH the Masculine and Feminine Energies in order to effectively create the life of your dreams.

Even though I’ve been learning about these energies for over 20 years now, I had new insights. I realized that like most spiritual people I still had greater potential to activate their power in my life.  So I listened to calls and did some inner work.

The results? EVERYONE I did a free chat with over the past 2 weeks has signed up for one program or another in my business. Including 3 new LOCAL clients.  In the past, that’s the number of local clients I might work with in a year.

It feels wonderful!

Learn To Supercharge YOUR Manifesting

I want YOU to know how to create the life of your dreams.  So, I contacted Edward Mills, the founder of the Awakened Man Summit, and the two us created a FREE teleclass to show you How to Supercharge Your Manifesting By Activing The Mascul ine and Feminine Energies.  The call is next Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Time.

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In this FREE call, Edward Mills, the creator and host of the Awakend Man Summit and I, one of the summit speakers, will share our combined 40+ years of experience as coaches and teachers to show YOU how to activate and harmonize the masculine and feminine energies in your life so that you can:

  • Manifest more of what you want easier and faster
  • Break out of old patterns of fear, struggle and lack
  • Get unstuck more quickly
  • Consistently take focused, inspired action
  • Have more FUN and enjoy the process of manifestation – even the waiting part!

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I hope you’ll join us on this free call on Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. It’s going to be a great call!