Credit: H. Koppdelany

Credit: H. Koppdelany

Recently I received an email from a woman – let’s call her Jane – who’s in a tough situation.  At almost 40 years old, she lost her job, moved in with her mom and signed up for government aid.  She asked me for some suggestions about how to use energy psychology tools like EFT for Abundance and the Law of Attraction to turn her situation around.

Here’s how Jane describes things:

I am not currently working and I have no clarity in my career direction. I am in debt and have limiting money beliefs. I want to come off the government aid and my mother’s co-dependent financial support. I want a new lease on life.”

Step 1: Don’t take this personally

For anyone who’s unemployed, underemployed or working in a job they hate, my first suggestion is to take the advice of Don Miguel Ruiz and “Don’t take anything personally”.  This comes from Don Miguel’s extremely popular book, The Four Agreements.

The global economy is in the midst of big changes.  Millions of people are feeling lost or squeezed in this process.  Making money in a recession is MUCH harder when you keep beating yourself up for being where you are.

Here are some EFT setup phrases:

  • Even though I’ve been hard on myself for this difficult situation, I’m willing to acknowledge these feelings and the impact they’ve been having.
  • Even though I don’t like this situation I’m in, I accept that I have these feelings anyway.
  • Even though I wish I could have avoided this whole mess, I’m open to the possibility I could start being kinder to myself anyway.

Step 2: Start your energy management retreat

Now that you’ve stopped beating up on yourself, it’s time for something new.  From now on, you are no longer unemployed or working in a job you hate.  From this moment forward, you are on an energy management retreat.

What the heck is an energy management retreat?  It means a time in your life when you prioritize:

  1. Noticing where your energy currently is and
  2. Learning to effectively shift your energy in a more positive direction.

To start, print out The Emotional Scale from Abraham-Hick’s book, Ask and It Is Given.  Post it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror and use it at least 3 times per day.  After just a few days, you will start to notice energy patterns.

Step 3: Clear the limiting beliefs

With kind attention, you will start to see that negative feelings are connected to certain thoughts.  For instance, Jane wrote to me about sexual events in her past that she feels very bad about.  Though they happened years ago, they still have a profound effect.

As you notice yourself feeling emotions like fear, unworthiness, and anger, explore what your thoughts are.  Clear these limiting thoughts and you turbocharge your ability to find creative money making opportunities – no matter what the economy is doing.

For instance, from her email it sounds like Jane is feeling unworthy because of the difficult sexual events.  She could use EFT setup statements like:

  • Even though I haven’t believed I was worthy of making a good living because of these sexual events, I’m choosing to acknowledge these feelings and the effect they have been having on my career.
  • Even though my creativity about my career is stuck because of all this shame I feel, I’m open to being kinder to myself anyway.
  • Even though I wish I didn’t have all these limiting beliefs about my abilities, I’m choosing to allow myself to start healing anyway.

Step 4: Create conscious support

Many of you know that my financial world collapsed a number of years ago.  I came to realize that it was time for big changes.  And though they loved me very much, my existing support networks weren’t very helpful.  They had a hard time seeing me in a radically different life.

I got some great advice at that time – create conscious support. I followed that advice and I don’t think I’d have the thriving business I have today (for example, while I was typing this I received an email titled “Referral”) if I hadn’t.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Get active on this blog. The Success for Spiritual People community is getting stronger each month.  It doesn’t cost anything to read the posts and join the conversation via comments.  Just go to the bottom of this post and share your thoughts to start.
  2. Consider buying a copy of Elizabeth Hyland’s book Surviving the Unemployment Rollercoaster. It’s a great resource for learning to use Law of Attraction to find a great job.  She also has a wonderful newsletter.
  3. Connect with Ingrid Dinter. She’s a veteran EFT Practitioner who’s now working on issues of career transition. Check out her site for great videos on using EFT in this way.

If you’re ready to reinvent making money in a recession, it’s going to take some work.  The steps I’ve outlined above are designed to serve as a map and to avoid unnecessary confusion or pain.  I invite you to let us know what your experience is or ask any questions in the form of a comment below.