If you’ve been reading my newsletter or following me on social media, you might have noticed that I’ve been thinking and having dialogues about the issue of elitism in the coaching, personal development and wellness world.

In this post I want to offer a suggestion to help you do something different. Something that’s been very effective for my clients and I.

First, a bit of context. In a traditional “boutique” business model (higher end), you are advised to create a sense that you and your clients live an abundant lifestyle and to “not cheapen your brand” by offering more affordable options. If getting people to pay $50,000 for a year of high end coaching or many thousands for a private retreat with you is your primary goal, it’s good advice.

The problem is that many social entrepreneurs and conscious business owners aren’t a good fit for this approach. But this is what most coaches and trainers in this sector teach. And when you’re not aligned, it’s really hard to sell your offerings to potential clients.”

This post shows you another approach – an approach that has service and generosity as the foundations of everything you offer.

This summer, I pivoted to more inclusiveness in my business model. Starting from the very affordable Awarepreneurs Community to the Easeful Marketing Plan ($99 for an hour long individual session) to my mastermind groups to a more affordable 1-1 coaching option, I’ve redesigned what my offerings are.

Most specifically, I worked with the people who support me in my business to design a very valuable and affordable way to try out working with me. Instead of asking them to commit to longer term, higher priced offerings. By design, we reduced the risk of potential clients saying “let’s do it!”

People have been loving the results they get and really appreciate that I have now have options for under $100 to try out what it’s like to work together – with no commitment, pressure or manipulation.

For instance, I’ve sold quite a few Easeful Marketing Plans since launching the service. And, after it’s complete and clients have time to ask questions and integrate, I circle back around and gently ask clients how things are going.

A significant percentage of people go on to join one of my mastermind groups or enroll in a 6 month long individual coaching agreement.

The key is that offering affordable and valuable options that reduce the risk of working with you makes it much easier for people to hire you. Many clients who’ve tried this are finding it’s feeling more aligned so they are selling more services. They actually start making more money and feel more ease about growing their business.

Could this approach work for you? If you have a quick question about it, please feel free to share it in the form of a comment below. If you’d like to do a deeper exploration, consider setting up an Easeful Marketing Plan for your business.