WOW!  Are you feeling it?  Ram Dass calls it “Fierce Grace.”

In the past 10 days, there have been 3 significant deaths in my world.  For instance, on Monday night spiritual teacher and 5Rhthyms dance founder Gabrielle Roth died.  Last night in Santa Fe, we had a deep, soulful and, at times, quite teary dance ceremony for her.  Goodbye and thank you Gabrielle …

As I listened to people share about how the practice impacted their lives, I realized that the success of 5Rhthyms went beyond the techniques or their marketing strategies.  It was more due to the fact that she created a place where it was OK to be a deeply spiritual person who didn’t do well sitting in a church or on a meditation cushion.

5Rhthyms created a place to worship with our bodies instead of words or images. And Gabrielle loved us whether or not we bought her latest book or signed up for a workshop. It was BIG LOVE.  And as a result of that love, the 5Rhthym business went global, with everything from books to workshops to 3 year facilitator training programs.

Mechanical Business Ain’t Cutting It

While it’s been a particularly rich and intense time in my life, I’m not the only one.  Whether through health issues doctors can’t seem to address, turning points in intimate relationships or unprecedented shifts in their careers, a large portion of the open hearted people I know are becoming more intimate with fierce grace.

Like it or not, that’s the context your business exists in today.  So if you want your business to have more impact, run with more ease and/or earn more money, please listen up.  Mechanical business and marketing practices aren’t working.

In just about every sector you can think of—from video marketing to relationship coaching, from website design to pain management—there are people with kick butt technical skills that are also beginning to let their BIG LOVE show.  And, I’m very happy to say, this trend is growing.

Who Do You Big Love?

Maybe you don’t care about a global business or 100,000’s of people or millions of dollars.  That’s fine.  And it’s not the point.

What’s becoming more clear to me is that potential clients care deeply about what we love.  In business.  Yep.  That’s what I just said …

For instance, over the past 3 years, my business first stabilized (previously it had a pattern of nerve racking cycles) and then hit a sweet spot of sustainable growth.  When I look deeply at it, the truth is I did two things:

  1. I stopped almost all traditional “sales” and
  2. I got real with myself that I was truly, madly and deeply in love with spiritual entrepreneurs.

While I do feel love for particular entrepreneurs – Soren Gordhamer, Sejual Shah, Maria Gamb, Mark Silver, Oge Okosieme – what’s allowed my business to grow is bigger than that.  It’s a BIG LOVE for everything about spiritual entrepreneurship.  That love guides my programs, decisions, branding and every else.  And business has grown steadily, sustainably and with much more ease.  Coincidence?  My clients don’t think so.  They are experiencing similar results …

So before you rush off to that next marketing teleseminar or “build your business in a weekend” workshop, I’m really curious about your thoughts and observations about BIG LOVE in your business.  Please leave a comment below. Or you can just tell me to go listen to Robert Palmer’s song, “Addicted to Love.”  🙂