This past summer, I did a strategy session (one time session on a focused topic). She was someone with a mix of values in her business that’s a perfect fit for my work. She blends a spiritual foundation in with specific ways she’s working towards positive social impact. It’s both deep and socially aware.

After the session, we had a gentle and honest conversation that though we had developed a good plan, the realities of her life (busy!) are such that she might really do well with support for implementing what we discussed.

We talked about the highly supportive and affordable mastermind groups I lead. How they are for conscious social entrepreneurs like her and she might find she makes more progress in the marketing plan we created with support of that kind. She agreed that it would be really helpful.

However, there were several factors such that it wasn’t realistic. We left it that she would circle back around when the logistics of her life shifted allowing her to participate.

Honestly, I was sad at the thought of not working with her. She felt like such a good fit. And, I totally understood the realities of what’s on her plate and wished her well.

This morning I heard from her. She had hit reply to my latest newsletter (titled Making it Easier for Clients to Hire You). I wrote that newsletter with a lot of love …

She said she’s ready now and asked to meet.

There was no manipulation. No push. Just as much love and desire to be of service as I knew how to share. It’s what I call “Steady loving presence in the marketplace.”

If you don’t want to manipulate.
If you don’t like hype.
But you want/need clients …

The best alternative to I know to ego centric approaches to marketing is steady loving presence in the marketplace.

You can share it via Facebook.
You can share it via your newsletter.
You can share it via video.
You can share it via blogging.
You can share it via Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Snapchat, Medium, …

Please … stop looking for the one time, quick fix approaches. Simple templates that will rush you to a 6 or 7 figure business. These are just appeals to your fear and vanity (which we all have).

Nothing is more powerful than love and steady presence. Nothing.