Credit: Linda Lane

Credit: Linda Lane

One of my clients learned EFT the in living room of it’s founder, Gary Craig. She told me how being there with Gary in a small group gave her a feel for the subtleties of EFT that often take people in larger trainings much longer to master.

In an email a few weeks ago, I asked you to consider joining myself and Sejual Shah for a special retreat on Saturday, February 5th.  The reason I’m excited about this retreat is that it’s a unique opportunity to learn Business Energetics in a setting that feels like Gary’s living room ..

Of course, before you could make a decision, you needed to know more about what Business Energetics is.  Over the past few weeks Sejual and I shared a number of resources introducing Business Energetics including:

This Saturday is the retreat, called Building Momentum: Increasing Profits, Meaning and Ease Through Business Energetics.  It’s time to decide if it feels right for you.

At this price and with the small group size we’re maintaining, Sejual and I won’t be making much money.  Honestly, that’s not why we’re doing it this time.  This time around, we’re offering the Retreat to ease into sharing it.

We’ve already had conscious business leaders with email lists of many thousands of people approach us about sharing Business Energetics with their lists in the form of a joint venture.

So, the next time we share Business Energetics, it will be to a much larger audience and it will be priced significantly higher. The Retreat this Saturday is a one time opportunity to learn the world’s first energy psychology tool developed for conscious business in an intimate setting.

What people who are using Business Energetics are finding is that their effectiveness in making wise business decisions are increasing dramatically.  In Saturday’s retreat, Sejual and I will share with you everything you need to know to start having similar results in your business or career.

Here’s the Retreat page.

I hope you can join us for this historic opportunity!