A funny thing happened while writing this post.  I was going to write about a completely different topic – with lots of people searching for it on Google.  It was going to be BIG!

Cow Dung Sculpture by Kripamoya Das

Cow Dung Sculpture by Kripamoya Das

Then, I hit one of those walls.  You know, the 3 foot thick cement ones with 5″ inch spikes ready to impale any living being silly enough to come close.  My vibration was about as pleasant as a fresh cow patty. Pretty stinky ..

The first step back into the Vortex

When the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working, what’s really going on is that we’re not in what  Abraham-Hicks calls the “Vortex” (athletes call it “the Zone”).  That’s why my writing progress melted faster than ice cream in the July desert – I got knocked out of the Vortex.

The first step back into the Vortex is counter-intuitive. It’s to admit that we’re stuck without using  some kind of a Middle Ages torture device on ourselves.

If you’re familiar with EFT, here’s a few setup phrases that can help:

1) Even though I’m not in the Vortex and I wish I were, I’m willing to be kinder and more gentle with myself.

2) Even though I’m feeling ____ about getting knocked out of the Vortex, I choose to be more compassionate with myself anyway.

3) Even though I feel ___ about being stuck AGAIN, I accept myself a little more anyway.

Whether you use EFT or not, you want to get the point where you can say, “I’m stuck” with a certain amount of acceptance. Paradoxically, once you can admit you’re stuck, things can start to flow a bit more.

You can’t bypass the negative feelings

One of the myths about the Law of Attraction is that we’re only supposed to think happy thoughts and feel pleasant feelings. This belief is a manifestation buster.

When we’re stuck, there are always negative emotions involved. The definition of the Vortex is when we’re living our lives in a state of optimism, hope, and joy.  It’s impossible to be in this state and completely stuck at the same time.

In a recent post called, Breaking Up in the Vortex, Master LOA Coach Jeanette Maw talks about her emotional journey during the ending of a relationship.  She describes the need to feel the despair, blame, anger and disappointment about the breakup.  After several days of this, she says:

And get this: after being willing to fully feel all the not-so-nice stuff, I got beautiful access to the higher vibrations!  (It always surprises me how well that turns out!)

I had the same experience with my writing today.  Instead of struggling on, I acknowledged that I was stuck and went out to the river behind the house.  Five minutes into the walk, I noticed strong feelings of frustration in my body.  I sat by the river and gave myself some time to feel them.  Within 5 minutes they were gone and I started noticing how many of the thousands of recently planted trees were leafing out. I had shifted to a vibration of appreciation.

I came back to blogging with this much higher vibration and things flowed much easier.  In total, I was away from the computer for about 15 minutes.

I’m curious about your experience with this.  What has worked for you when you’ve gotten knocked out of the Vortex?