Credit: Grant MacDonald

When first learning a healing modality, you need to get the nuts and bolts down. If you’re learning hypnosis, for example, it’s ESSENTIAL to know the steps of leading someone safely into and out of deep trance states.

When you don’t know the basic steps of a healing modality, two things happen. First, you’re much less likely to quickly and safely get the results your clients want. Second, you’re likely to look unprofessional (even foolish) to anyone who knows what they’re talking about.

Surprise! It’s very similar when it comes to effectively growing your healing business.

Learn Basic Marketing Steps First

The world of healing and personal development is more sophisticated than ever before. It’s an uphill road – some people even find it impossible – trying to grow a practice without things like a well thought out website, a regular newsletter, and a consistent presence on social media.

If you’re not consciously and consistently using 2-3 marketing strategies to grow your spiritual business, then start here.  You don’t have to learn them all. Just pick at least two marketing strategies and learn the basics.  If you need help finding something to fit your needs, contact me.

Intuition is The Key to Powerful Marketing Results

In any healing modality, a real master knows MUCH more than the basic steps. He or she knows how to use the power of intuition to get to the places that clients are stuck very quickly.

Intuition is also the secret to growing your business faster and with less expense.  The better you become at deeply understanding what’s going on for your potential clients, the faster your transformative business will grow.  Use your intuitive powers to explore questions like:

1) What do I know about my ideal client?   Think about both outer characteristics (age, gender, what they do for work, etc) as well as inner chacteristics (qualities that define them, things that are important to them, etc).  Learn to weave what’s important to your ideal client into your marketing and you’ll get better results.

2) What problem or perdicament is my ideal client facing?  Helping businesses grow the fastest when their owners are crystal clear about how the people they serve are stuck and what they want in their heart of hearts instead.  This is, in fact, the same intuitive circuitry that healing masters use.

Wrap Up

One of the reasons marketing feels so yucky – yes, that’s a technical term 😉 – to so many spiritual practitioners is that most of it is very mechanical.  Mechanical marketing is a turn off to most spiritual people.

At the same time, trying to grow a helping business in today’s environment while ignoring these powerful tools is sabotaging your dreams.  Instead, invest in learning some basics and than continue on to more heart-to-heart level communications.  

What have you found to work in terms of bring more intuition into your client attraction plan?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.