Your Money Matrix is the energetic web that determines your current relationship with money. It is a combination of the important feelings, beliefs and relationships that you have with money.  When we are not experiencing the kind of success that we want, it’s often because our Money Matrix is being influenced by difficult or painful energies.

Beaten down dollar

The good news is that you can use energy tools, like EFT for Abundance, to make profound shifts in your Money Matrix. But before you change anything, you need to know where you are now.  This post outlines a simple 4 step exercise I use with clients to help them understand their current energetic relationship with money.  Before you start, it’s helpful to have a pen and a piece of paper for taking a few notes.

1. Take 3 clearing and centering breaths. The purpose of this is to help you relax your system and increase your ability to be aware. With each breath, find yourself becoming a bit more relaxed and more of attention available in the present moment.

2. Imagine that you are in a room with money. It’s a simple room, comfortably furnished. Notice where money is in relationship to you. Is it to one side, in the front, outside the room, etc? Take a minute to write down what you what you see in your mind’s eye.

3. Notice who or what else is in the room with you. After you have a sense of who and what these presences are, notice where these other presences (people or things) are in relationship to you and to money. For instance, one client felt a 3 inch plate glass wall that was between her and money. Take a minute to write down what you what you see in your mind’s eye.

4. Notice the feelings in your body about your current Money Matrix. Your Money Matrix is encoded into the cells of your body.  Paying attention to the feeling in the snapshot you see is a powerful way to access your code. What do you notice in your body and on a feeling level as you view this picture in your mind’s eye?

For thousands of years, spiritual teachers have told us that knowing where we are in the moment is a key step towards being able to shift into a different future. Before you change your level of success, you need to know where you are right now.  Once you know what your current Money Matrix looks like, you can use EFT for Abundance and other energy tools to clear any energetic blocks to success and allow money to come much more easily into your life.