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If you’ve been following me on social media, you might have notice a string of pictures like the above.   For 2 weeks now, I’ve been in the San Francisco area meeting with conscious entrepreneurs.  We’ve been networking in person – sometimes in small groups, but mostly 1-1.

In these conversations and on social media, people have been talking about their concerns about too much screen and social media time.  And asking me if I really think in person networking is a viable way to grow a business.

The short answer is – I do think it’s effective.  IF you keep a few things in mind.

So I made the video below titled Grow Your Conscious Business with In Person Networking.

If you are someone who prefers to read rather then watch a video, here are the 5 tips:

  1. Trust in the process of genuine connection.  It’s important to work with the very human feelings of neediness.  Of course you want referrals for paying clients.  And, if that energy dominates .. you’re not likely to leave the kind of impression that leads to the person you are networking with wanting to refer.
  2. Create a rhythm.  When I first started networking as a strategy to grow my business, I put it in my calendar every Friday afternoon.  Some of these were in person, some via Zoom.  The point is, by doing something regularly you will get good at it.  You can find people to network with by asking colleagues, people you feel aligned with on social media, and colleagues you don’t yet know well.
  3. Connect as humans first.  Try to start the networking time by looking for a way to build rapport that isn’t business related.  You can ask if they have kids or about an interest or hobby or where they grew up.
  4. Get curious about their business first.  Bring your genuine curiosity about their work to the forefront.  Who do they work with?  What’s the process they use to help their clients?  Why did they get into the work in the first place?
  5. Decide on a few main points you want to share about your business.  Sometimes as conscious business owners, we try and share too much about the levels and layers of our business – and unintentionally “diffuse and confuse”.   Pick a few points you want someone to remember about your work and start with sharing these.  Then let them ask you questions from there.

With these simple times, I’ve seen this trip lead to many new leads and have already signed on several new clients and members of the Awarepreneurs Community.

Plus, did I mention in person networking is fun? 🙂

Lastly, one of the best strategies I’ve found to travel and stay in a place for a longer period of time is  It’s a service that allows you to find house sitting opportunities all over the world and it only costs $120 per year to join.  I did a fabulous house sit for 2.5 weeks in the downtown area of San Francisco for this particular trip.  It makes it a very affordable way to do in person networking in cities besides the one you live in.

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