Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit (thanks to my friend Soren Gordhamer) the corporate headquarters of Zappos.com, a $1 Billion per year internet shoe company.  In our meetings with CEO Tony Hsieh and other important leaders, I thought we were going to talk about the role of the internet in today’s successful companies.

While we did talk about this, I learned something MUCH more important.  I learned that it was OK to have FUN in business.

Paul in Zappos throne

Paul in Zappos throne

From laughter at the reception desk to the skeleton in a pirate suit that greets you when you walk through the main doors, the folks at Zappos know how to have FUN!  In fact, they are famous for asking “How weird are you?” during job interviews.

The visit had a profound impact on me and my business.  I realized that I was trying too hard to be a serious-ly successful coach.  And, I was attracting clients who also had a tendency to try too hard.

In the past few months, I have come out of the closet about my weirdness.  I’ve joked more and started writing the world’s first Highly Irreverent Tapping Manual (click here to read about it).  At the recent Tapper’s Gathering in Colorado, I subtitled my presentation on EFT for Abundance, “How Coyote can bring you all the money you want – IF you let him.”  In addition to incredible feedback, that presentation brought a number of awesome new clients.

As I’ve given myself permission to bring more fun (and a little weirdness) into my coaching, my clients are seeing positive shifts much more quickly.  Just this morning a client posted this comment:

Thank you SOOO much for helping me to get out of the serious and into the fun of it all.

Recently, I’ve read several business gurus whose answer to success in today’s economy is to hustle even more.  I know that many people are already feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  Hustle more?!?

This week, I’d like to invite you to consider the words of Dale Carnegie when he said “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

If you’d like to read more about how Zappos creates fun and a little weirdness in their business, check out their blog postIf having fun is contributing to your success, I’d really appreciate it if you would would share in a comment below about how you’re doing this. If it’s hard to imagine how you could be having more fun and success in your life, then let’s have a chat.