Opening screen from Charan Surdhar's new video

Like many helper types, when I first met Charan Surdhar her alternative therapy practice was stagnant.  Today, thanks to a powerful combination of mindset work and an effective marketing plan, Charan’s business is growing. And, she’s having FUN doing it!

Would you also like to grow your business and have fun?  😉

Who Can You Serve the Best?

Charan is a trained geneticist who used to work in a lab.  She wanted to have a larger impact than was possible in that role.  So, she trained in a number of energy healing tools like EFT and Reconnective Healing.

The first question you need to ask when you’re ready to grow a business is “Who can I serve the best?”. Charan decided it was conscious parents who were either trying to conceive but were having a hard time or who had an inherited disease – like cancer or diabetes – that ran in their families.

She felt excited about helping parents in these situations. Your excitement (or lack  of it) comes through in all of your marketing. Charan’s joy and enthusiasm are the energetic foundations of her success.

Combining Facebook and YouTube

Once Charan knew her focus, it was time to decide how to get her message out.  She knew that there’s a large population of energy psychology and spiritual people on Facebook.  That was a natural place to start meeting people who would be interested in her message.  She soon built up a following of over 1400 engaged friends.

But there are limitations of what you can effectively share on Facebook. Charan wanted a way to bring out more of the depth of her business.  She felt like YouTube videos would be a perfect match.

Knowing her audience, she put together a fun and helpful video that would appeal to conscious parents.  It’s called Bursting the Bubble on Infections.  Here it is:

The Results of Fun and Meaningful Marketing

Because it spoke to her audience of conscious parents, Charan’s video went viral through her Facebook connections.  The video had over 375 views in it’s first 48 hours.

Charan’s business continues to grow.  She’s been invited to numerous radio shows and recently was a presenter at her first telesummit (The Enlightened Mom’s Summit).  Her colleagues and potential clients are coming to her with questions related to health, genetics and conception.  Charan’s having FUN with all this growing recognition.

If you’d like to see her in action on Facebook, click here.

3 Ways to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

1) Get clear on who you can best serve. All effective marketing is built on this understanding.

2) Find a way to connect with more of this audience. Charan didn’t wait around for people to find her.  She actively joined the energy psychology and spiritual community on Facebook.  Figure out who your audience is and then join the party!  😉

3) Make sure your passion for this audience comes through in everything you do. If you’re having trouble letting that passion show, that’s a mindset issue.  Get some help clearing these limitations or they will sabotage your success.

Though these strategies sound simple, most spirit based entrepreneurs aren’t using them.  If your business growth has been stagnant, I’d encourage you to take an honest look at how you can implement more of these foundations.

Update on 5/31/2011: Charan’s video now has close to 2,000 views and yesterday she received this message from Dr. Christine Northrup:  “This video is wonderful.  And medically accurate.  It’s also done very, very gentle and respectably.  I will share it!  Thank you!!”

What’s worked for you in terms of creating fun, meaningful and effective marketing?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.