One thing I’ve noticed working with lots of spiritual entrepreneurs is that we LOVE to play with possibilities and concepts.   Thus, we often see a range of options for our businesses.  In many ways, I see this possibility orientation as a strength.

Yet, there’s often a challenge here.  With so many potentialities, it can be hard to create something clear and compelling. In fact, I’ve done several sessions in the past 2 weeks around this important question:

“How do I create a clear focus when I have a whole bunch of ideas?”

5 Helpful Questions for How to Choose a Business

I don’t tell anyone which business option to go with.  However, there are questions I’ve learned to ask that have made it much easier for my clients to make a clear and informed decision about where to start.

Notice I said the word start.  The reality is that most of you will likely take the “serial entrepreneur” path.  You’ll get something up and running, grow in the process and then your work will shift as a result.  Try to let go of the illusion that you will find one business focus and stay with it for the rest of your life.  That’s probably true for .0000001% of those reading this.  🙂

OK, on to 5 Helpful Questions for How to Choose a Business:

  1. How aligned do I feel?  As founder, the energy you bring to your business is the biggest contributor to success or failure.  So picking a business that you feel aligned with is the single most important decision you can make.
  2. What is my knowledge base?  Being knowledgeable about the content area of your business will likely increase your ease and enjoyment.  Something to consider.  Unless you don’t want ease and enjoyment.
  3. How strong is my network?  The dream path to growing a business is people enthusiastically telling their friends about your business.  So all other things being equal, go with the business where you already have a stronger network in place.
  4. What are the financial considerations?  I’m a huge fan of lean start up costs and optimized monthly income.  Enough said. 
  5. How FUN does it feel?  There’s already plenty of boring jobs in the world.  If you’re gonna create your own business, you might as well make it FUN!

What’s Your Experience

Choosing to start a business is a life altering path.  So it makes sense that you would have questions or uncertainties.  What business options are you looking at?  What questions do you have?  I’d love to hear from you in the form of a comment below!