Today, I start a three day intensive with a client who flew in from out of state.  Over the next 72 hours, we’ll do very deep work around creating her ideal business.  And, we’ll also be enjoying body centered practices, sacred time in nature and delicious food.  Yes, chocolate and meditation are both on the agenda.  🙂

By the way, in these 3 day retreats, I make what it takes most coaches a month to earn …

For millennia, wisdom teachers have invited us to leverage the Power of the Pause when we are on the cusp of profound possibilities. Think of how Buddha’s life changed – which then impacted many, many other lives – due to a deliberate pause under the Bodhi Tree. There is a kind of inner knowing that is hard to access in 60 minute sessions or a weekend workshop with many other participants.

The Benefits of High End Services

Imagine for a moment you or your partner were 3 months pregnant.  And this is your first pregnancy.  So you sign up for a birthing class with a wonderful nurse mid-wife.  There are 14 other couples in the class, which is well structured and very participatory.  It’s a wonderful experience!

Now contrast this with going into labor.  Imagine as the contractions start getting intense, you are given 2 choices with the same wonderful mid-wife.  You can either:

  1. Be ushered in to a room with 14 other families for a day long birthing experience.
  2. Sign up for a 90 minute session with the midwife.  (Note: The average birthing process for a first time mother lasts 12-16 hours.)

The point is that individual sessions and workshops are the most common services in a spiritual business.  Yet, there are moments in our lives that they aren’t the best formats for the type of transformations that’s trying to emerge.  Those instances are ripe for a customized and more in-depth service!

And for you, the spiritual entrepreneur, higher end services mean more ease and more income.  Just 2-4 individual retreats or one 10 month intimate group program per year means an increase in the range of 20%-50%.  I hope you’d be OK with earning more money facilitating life changing work … 🙂

Getting Started With High End Services

Here’s a question I’d like you to consider:

“How would it feel to more fully support your client in the kind of transformation they are longing than anything they’ve ever dreamed of?”

Notice I didn’t ask you how much it would cost.   Or what your gonna call this thing.  Or how you would explain it to clients.  The foundation of all successful high end spiritual services is a Zen Master’s focus on your client’s transformation.

To help you get clearer on this, here are 3 Guiding Questions For Creating A Successful High End Program:

  1. Who is the client you want to serve in your high end program (both inner and outer characteristics)?
  2. What does the full expression of the transformation they desire look like?
  3. What structure would best support that kind of transformation?

Once you have clarity on these questions, use your answers to build a program from the ground up.  Let the program design, pricing and marketing all emerge from this keen awareness of radically supporting your clients.

What’s your experience with high end programs?  Have you offered them?  Do you have any questions?  I’d love to hear about it in the form of a comment below.