“Is Wisdom 2.0 a conference, a movement or something else?”  Going into Wisdom 2.0 2013 (I am the Director of Social Media for the organization), this tweet was highly discussed.  That’s because it’s a very unique gathering – part conference, part mindfulness retreat, part social change movement, and part wisdom party.

As a business and marketing coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, I’m seeing more and more innovation.   And every time someone creates something out of the box, the question arises: “How do I let people know about this?

Traditional Launches Don’t Always Fit Spiritual Work

I recently finished reading Jonathan Fields book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance.  So this post on the steps he took to launch the book was very interesting.

However, if you read the post you’ll see it’s highly scripted.  And the book was basically finished when the strategy was created.  A polished product combined with feeling aligned with a very goal focused launch is a combo … well, let’s just say not every situation in our sector fits this description. 🙂

So what’s a spiritual entrepreneur who follows a more emergent path but still wants to be successful supposed to do?

Create a Social Launch

One approach that is both effective and feels aligned for many spiritual entrepreneurs is called The Social Launch.  In short, when you have enough clarity about your product or service, you invite other leaders in your field to help you introduce it to the world.  There is an excitement and a synergy that happens when recognized leaders come together.  Which can be VERY good for your spiritual business.

Here’s 2 examples:

  1. The Social Book Launch.  Last year, I supported Micheal Reddy in a social launch for his book Health, Happiness and Family Constellations.  We brought together leaders like Ed Lynch and Frances Mason Boring to share about the innovate aspects of Michael’s book and why it was important for the North American Constellations community.  It generated very positive momentum!
  2. The Radical Social Launch. I’m currently working with two coaches on Radical Conversations.  It’s a project to “crowd source a new possibility for depth”  for the coaching profession.  We are bringing together 15 thought leaders – each with significant followings – to spark 5 dynamic conversations during International Coaching Week.  We expect to have a reach of 50,000 coaches!

Please be aware that these leaders aren’t being paid.  They are participating because they genuinely feel excited about the work.

The Kind and Patient Launch

If you aren’t ready for or don’t need large numbers immediately, you might be interested in a more patient approach that’s called The Soft Launch.  Here, you consciously roll out your offering over time and grow momentum with each step instead of looking for one big splash up front.

For instance, I recently reorganized the individual retreats I offer in my business to a 3.5 day experience to allow participants to go much deeper.  It’s called The Spiritual Entrepreneur Immersion Retreat.  Because I already have a full roster of individual clients, groups and organizational contracts, I only have space for 3 of them per year.

So I started mentioning it to people who are already familiar with my business and are seeking a format to do this kind of very deep work.  It’s been effortless to begin attracting clients in this way.

What’s Your Experience?

While there are many exciting innovations happening in the spiritual entrepreneur world, the fact is that many are more comfortable designing programs than launching them.  My intention with this post is to increase awareness of the range of possibilities.

In that spirit, I’d love to hear about your questions about launches as well as what’s worked for you.  Please share in the form of a comment below!